Adventure Bike Racing presents:
Around Norway 2019


Around Norway is an unsupported bike packing event!

The event Starts in Oslo on June 29th 2019 at 4pm.

Finish of the event is also in Oslo!
Latest official finish is on 14th of July at 6pm!

Distance of the Around Norway is close to 3250km.
Elevation gain is close to 38000m!


1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish.

2. Riders must be fully self-supported.

3. No Drafting at any time.

4. Riders must follow the local laws at any time.

5. All bikes have to pass a check up before the start.

6. Riders are required to use a provided Tracker.

7. No prize money.


>>Part 01 - Oslo to Lysefjord!<<<

>>Part 02 - Lysefjord - Trondheim<<<

>>Part 03 - Trondheim - Oslo<<<

The Route is around 3250 kilometers and has a elevation gain of around 38000meters.
It will lead you to the most scenic places in Norway.
Start and Finish will be in Oslo. The Route will be ridden clockwise.

>>Route Option 01 - Lysefjord<<<

Route Option 01: Lysefjord:
If you dont want to ride around the Lysefjord and better spent some time on a boat here is a chance ;-)
(more Details in the ferry section of the manual)

>>Route Option 02 - Vinstra<<<

Route Option 02: Vinstra:
Route option two is a 23 kilometer “shortcut“ with less traffic.
The “Option Route Vinstra“ includes a 40 kilometer light gravel section.
Both options are beautiful with its own character. Its your choice!

4 Ferries On Route (more Details in the manual)

Highlights of the Route:


Lysebotn climb / Lysefjord

Highest pass in Norway (Gaupne - Lom)

Atlantic Highway



Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim

First sketch of the route will be published in October 2018
Final gpx will be published in May 2019
Do not expect major changes for the final route in May!

Start and Finish - Oslo

Start of the event will be close to the City Hall in Oslo.

Finish of the event will be at the Opera House in Oslo.

Sign up location will be the Peloton bar/cafe.


Some Impressions (you may swipe the pictures)

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Register 2019

-> Please download the event manual here first! <-

When and How much is the Registration?

Early Bird Registration!

Early Bird Registration opens October, 15th 2018 and closes December, 30th 2018

Fee for Early Bird Registration Solo category is 240 Euro.

Fee for Early Bird Registration Pair category is 220 Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.

Late Registration!

Late Registration opens January, 1st 2019 and closes March, 24th 2019

Fee for Late Registration Solo category is 270 Euro.

Fee for Late Registration Pair category is 250 Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.

What you get for the fee:

The Route in form of a gpx file

Tracking site

Tracker for the duration of the event

Official race cap

Pictures we make during the event (can`t guarantee we have yours but we will try)

Welcome at the finish!

Publishing individual times on our website.

Refund policy:
80,- Euro refund until May, 15th 2019
After May 15th 2019 no refund!

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