Around Norway is an unsupported bike packing event!

The event Starts in Oslo on July 31th 2021 at 2pm.

Finish of the event is also in Oslo!
Latest official finish is on 15th of  August at 6pm!

Distance of the Around Norway is close to 3250km.
Elevation gain is close to 38000m!


1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish.

2. Riders must be fully self-supported.

3. No Drafting at any time.

4. Riders must follow the local laws at any time.

5. All bikes have to pass a check up before the start.

6. Riders are required to use a provided Tracker.

7. No prize money.


The Route is around 3250 kilometers and has a elevation gain of around 38000meters.
It will lead you to the most scenic places in Norway.
Start and Finish will be in Oslo. The Route will be ridden clockwise.

Route Option 01: Lysefjord:
If you dont want to ride around the Lysefjord and better spent some time on a boat here is a chance 😉
(more Details in the ferry section of the manual)

Route Option 02: Vinstra:
Route option two is a 23 kilometer “shortcut“ with less traffic.
The “Option Route Vinstra“ includes a 40 kilometer light gravel section.

Route Option 03: Finish:
Route option to the finish is a around 20 kilometer “shortcut“ with less traffic.
The “Option Route Finish“ includes a 25 kilometer gravel section.

All options are beautiful with its own character. Its your choice!


4 Ferries On Route (more Details in the manual)


Highlights of the Route:


Lysebotn climb / Lysefjord

Highest pass in Norway (Gaupne – Lom)

Atlantic Highway



Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim

Start and Finish - OSLO

Start of the event will be close to the City Hall in Oslo.

Finish of the event will be at the Opera House in Oslo.

Sign up location will be the Peloton bar/cafe.


Gaupne – Lom



Atlantic Coast Road



REGISTration 2021


When and How much is the Registration?

Early Bird Registration!

Early Bird Registration opens November, 1st 2020 and closes December, 30th 2020

Fee for Early Bird Registration Solo and Pair category is 230 Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.

Late Registration!

Late Registration opens January, 1st 2021 and closes May, 1st 2021

Fee for Late Registration Solo and Pair category is 260 Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.

What you get for the fee:

The Route in form of a gpx file

Tracking site

Tracker for the duration of the event

Official event cap

Optional Bag drop during the event!

Pictures we make during the event (can`t guarantee we have yours but we will try)

Welcome at the finish!

Publishing individual times on our website!

Refund policy:

100,- Euro refund until March, 1st 2021
After March 1st 2021 no refund!

If you already have an Adventure Bike Racing Account go directly to the EVENT SIGN UP in the top menu!
You need to LOGIN first!

Riders 2021




Went to play in the ice for a bit, but it's time to get back on the bike! Less than 4 weeks left to be ready for adventurebikeracing #BikepackingAroundNorway! Since my test ride on the route last year I've learned a lesson or two and adjusted my strategy to optimise sleep and riding times while dealing with adverse weather. But maybe I've collected enough bad weather karma now? Or have I ridden in so much bad weather by now that I could use it to my advantage?!
📸 zanderam
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28 hours before I head off, it's time for a #kitgrid! These are all the things I'll need to survive approximately 12 days on the road while I'm #bikepackingaroundnorway.
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Bikeprep for #bikepackingaroundnorway at #cyclofix . ...

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Around Norway is a self-supported bikepacking event!
More info here:
Connect to the facebook group:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/694553574233811/ #bikepackingaroundnorway

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Norway’s 🇳🇴 most southern point. #BikepackingNorway #MatthewNorway #Faracycling #visitnorway #bikepackingaroundnorway ...

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Anja and Christian in good spirits during Around Norway 2019 ❤️ #bikepackingaroundnorway ...

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#bikepackingaroundnorway ...

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First finisher around Norway Samuel Thompson! Amazing effort!
#bikepackingaroundnorway #adventurebikeracing

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https://www.adventurebikeracing.com/aroundnorway #bikepackingaroundnorway ...

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On top of Trollstigen!

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https://www.adventurebikeracing.com/aroundnorway/ #bikepackingaroundnorway ...

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Road in Landscape!
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https://www.adventurebikeracing.com/aroundnorway/ #bikepackingaroundnorway ...

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#bikepackingaroundnorway #adventurebikeracing ...

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Can you see the road? 😍 #bikepackingaroundnorway #trollstigen ...

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Always take your time to make some pics!
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Sam just passed Trollstigen!
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Atlantic Ocean Road!
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Samuel Thompson, United Kingdom  // 10D // 0H // 7M

Stijn Planckaert, Belgium // 12D // 17H // 28M

Viggo Vea, Norway // 13D // 3H // 7M

Adrien Cartier, France // 13D // 17H // 58M

Mindaugas Kasieta, Lithuania // 14D // 2H // 30M

Arne Fredlund, Norway // 14D // 7H // 25M


Paul Albaek, Denmark // dnf

Peter Wöhler, Germany // dnf


Anja Marwitz, Germany // 14D // 23H // 31M

Christian Buddecke, Germany // 14D // 23H // 31M


Dimitrios Mavropoulos, Greece // dnf

Evangelos Axiotis, Greece // dnf