Race around the Netherlands is a fully self-supported bike packing race.

The RatN is a do-it-yourself challenge.

You are your own ride organizer.

Understand that this is a personal challenge against the clock. Not against others!

It is 1900k in distance with 6800m of elevation.

The RatN has two categories – solo and pair.

Start and finish location:

De Proloog Cafe
Allemanswaard 27
3958 KA Amerongen

Start time and date:

Sign up and bike check: April 30th from 1200 to 1700 local time.
Pasta: April 30th at 1800 local time.
Start:  May 1st at 0800 local time.
Official Finish: May 9th at 1800 local time.


1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish under their own power.

2. Riders must be fully self-supported.

3. No Drafting at any time.
(pair riders may draft each other)

4. Riders must follow the Dutch laws at any time.

5. Riders are required to use a provided GPS device.

6. No prize money.


The start and finish is in the village of Amerongen, located at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug at the famous cycling cafe De Proloog. The route takes us first along the rivers Neder-Rijn and the Waal to the historic cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem (known from the film “A Bridge Too Far” about the Operation Market Garden). Next you leave the beautiful river landscape and the historic cities behind and the route takes you through the National Park Veluwezoom. The National Park is known for its endless heath fields, imposing country estates and of course one of the most famous hills in the Netherlands, the Posbank.

You will pass through the heart of Enschede and along the Dolmens in the province of Drenthe, prehistoric burial chambers where the cycle route passes by. After which the route leads you through the city of Groningen.

The wind starts to get stronger along the coastline. Instead of crossing the Ijsselmeer over one of the icons of the Dutch flood defense, the Afsluitdijk, riders will ride around the Ijsselmeer and will pass scenic harbors in the towns of Enkhuizen and Hoorn.

den Header the route takes you south along the Dutch coast. Beautiful beaches and dunes with little to no buildings, towards the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. First you will cycle through the city of Rotterdam and across the Erasmus bridge towards the Maasvlakte.

The route takes you further south over the Delta Park Neeltje Jans, which is part of the Dutch flood defense, in the direction of Vlissingen. A historic city due to its strategic location. In the Eighty Years’ War between the Netherlands and Spain, the city was in Spanish hands for a while.

You cycle along the Belgian border towards the hills in the province of Limburg. Where you hit one of the iconic Dutch hills, the Keutenberg with a maximum gradient of 16%.

If you have conquered the hills you cycle back through the beautiful river landscape of the Maas towards Nijmegen. Via the southern side of the rivers over the dikes you will finish at the cafe De Proloog.

- Unofficial Halfway point -


“The Wild Bunch” Bicycles and Coffee is located here: (52.3624072, 4.9808662).

Its open until 23.00 each day for any RATN racer until September 2rd. From September 3rd the regular opening times apply.

Unfortunatly due to the covid pandemic there are also some extra rules.
– A maximum of 6 people in the shop.
– sleeping spot can’t be provided


PHOTOS along the Route

some impressions


When and How much is the Registration?

Registration opens October 01st, 2020 and closes March 1st, 2021

Fee for Early Registration (until December 31st) is 185Euro.

Fee for Late Registration from January 1st 2021 is 215 Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner!

Optional: Fee for the pasta meal in the evening of the sign up day is 15,- extra

Optional: Fee for a one night stay in the hostel the night prior to the event is 30,- extra

First come – first served!


What you get for the fee:

The Route in form of a gpx file

Tracking device for the duration of the event

Official race cap

Welcome at the finishline in de Proloog cafe:
Shower, the option to sleep it off if you finish at night time!

Pictures we make during the event (can`t guarantee we have yours but we will try)

Publishing individual times on our website.


Refund policy:
85,-Euro refund until December, 30th 2020

Use the EVENT SIGN UP in the top menu if you already have an Adventure Bike Racing Account!
You need to LOGIN first!




I've only fallen off once so far 👍

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Waiting for #cap142 & #cap86

#cap142 scratched 😢😩 and the picture of #cap86 was out of focus 😡 so not usable

21 0

Slow moving traffic in Friesland!
#racearoundthenetherlands #ratn2020 #whyhurry

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#bikepacking 2.0 in Tsjechië

#bikepacking #cubecrossracesl #cubecross #act5 #ratn2020

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Let’s do this! This Saturday I’ll participate in my first ultra endurance cycling race: the Race around the Netherlands, an unsupported 1900km race that does what it says in the tin. I’m planning to cycle around 320km per day, and hopefully finish it in 6 days. Wish me luck, and keep an eye on cap 53!🚴🏻 #ratn2020 ...

47 5

Sheep Island.

#RATN2020 #racearoundthenetherlands #bikepacking #cycling #cycletourismo #bikepackinglife #biketour
#ultracycling #getoutside #outsideisfree #adventurecycling #ultradistancecycling #endurancecycling #bikewander #cyclinglife #bicycletravel #netherlands #lifebehindbars #RATNadventure2020

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Ready to ride! #racearoundthenetherlands #ratn2020 #excited #ultradistancecycling #plantbasedathlete #ilovecycling ...

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1100 km

Nog een stukje te gaan. Mooiste moet nog komen. Zeeland!


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We're back on the road. I was certain I'd be riding back to base right up until the point I got on the bike after a leisurely breakfast. My knees we're feeling OK, and despite having no motivation to continue at this point I sat on it and it felt like home. I guess this is what I am now: half man, half bike.

Sam's got the snacks.

#snellejelle #halfmanhalfbike

#RATN2020 #racearoundthenetherlands #bikepacking #cycling #cycletourismo #bikepackinglife #biketour
#ultracycling #getoutside #outsideisfree #adventurecycling #ultradistancecycling #endurancecycling #bikewander #cyclinglife #bicycletravel #netherlands #lifebehindbars #RATNadventure2020

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Races like these are solo and unsupported, lit up by the occasional cheers from dotwatchers along the side of the ride and bumping into fellow racers whilst stuffing your face at random petrol stations.
Due to lack of data on my phone I was blissfully unaware that martijndriedonks had been chasing me at ~10km distance all day. It was good to share some icecream and chat when he finally caught up with me at Hilvarenbeek. Even better was riding underneath the huge banner and large bunch of cheering family and friends that had gathered along the roadside for him near Borkel en Schaft. And to top it all, just a few kilometers down the road, I found to my surprise that the random stranger cheering me on by the side of the road was in fact my husband who had driven over from Rhenen after work. ❤️ Riding into that night, i simply felt like I had wings, wings grown from the power of meeting nice people and loved ones wishing you well.
After forgetting to set my alarm that night when I arrived at my hotel in Stein and stopping for 8 hours rather than the planned 3.5 hours, I was never going to catch up with Martijn again. So I took his advice I just enjoyed playing around in the hills and bathed in that wonderful feeling when you know you are going to finish and whether you are 9th, 10th or 11th really doesn’t make any difference to how good you are feeling.
From what I could see, Martijn was riding well within himself. Finishing his first ultra was the mission. Mission completed ! I look forward to following his dot next year as I think this guy has the engine and the attitude to go much further in ultra racing.
#ratn2020 #rondjenederland #ultracycling #eatridesleeprepeat #longdistancecycling #fitterfasterfarther #betheegg

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Paul Bernd from Germany during the Race of the Netherlands. He passed through my hometown #Hoorn, where he stopped at a petrol station to get food and drinks, before he went further on his bike, into the night #ratn2020 #ratn #cycling #bonjour ...

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Tired, but super happy and proud after racing the race around the Netherlands 2020.
I covered 1900kms just under 5 days with a daily average distance of 380kms, average sleep time of 3,8h. I still don't really know how I was able to do it.
It was an awesome experience and a well organized event from adventurebikeracing
Thank you Michael and all helpers for making this happen!

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We maken een diepe, diepe buiging voor deze topper! Martijn Driedonks is na ruim 4 dagen onderweg te zijn geweest gefinisht in de race van zijn leven: Race Around The Netherlands (in 1900!! kilometer de omtrek van NL gefietst). Na zo'n topprestatie zijn je billen, handen, benen én voeten wel toe aan extra verzorging. Wij hebben Martijn daarom gesponsord met een herstelpakket uit ons assortiment zodat hij zijn schrale huid snel kan laten herstellen en zijn spieren weer wat energie kan geven. Geniet ervan, dik verdiend Martijn!⠀

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Ongelofelijk! Dag 2 nog net begonnen en nu bijna al 700km wow. #Ratn2020 ...

31 2

Ik begon ooit met "dot watchen" toen tcrbart de Transcontinental fietste. Nu doet hij een rondje Nederland en zit na iets meer dan 24 uur op 660 van 1900 km. #ratn2020 #ultracycling #thenetherlands #wielrennen #koers #hetmooisteuitdekoers #doortrappen #niethardmaarlang ...

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Mission accomplished, RatN complete. 1907km in 5 days and 12 hours, or thereabouts. It's been an interesting journey. I only have a few random photos because I've not really been taking any. This one was snapped while sat in a bus stop during the early hours of the morning, contemplating why I'm sat in a Dutch bus stop in the early hours of the morning drinking Red Bull and eating instant coffee.

#RATN2020 #racearoundthenetherlands #bikepacking #cycling #cycletourismo #bikepackinglife #biketour
#ultracycling #getoutside #outsideisfree #adventurecycling #ultradistancecycling #endurancecycling #bikewander #cyclinglife #bicycletravel #netherlands #lifebehindbars #RATNadventure2020

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Setup for #ratn2020:

My monster Cube Cross Race SLT with a Newmen Advanced SL carbon wheelset. 32mm Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres and a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset.

I'll try to sleep in my Nordisk Lofoten tent on a Sea To Summit UltraLight Mat. Hopefully the NOMAD Pegasus 340 keeps me warm at night. My head lays down on a simple but very useful inflatable pillow from Forclaz (tip!). I've different types of bags for clothes and stuff. An Ortlieb Handlebar Pack on the front, a Koala Exo-Rail System underneath my saddle and a AGU frame bag. My old fasion Garmin Edge 605 helps me find my way, battery last forever 🙂 Eat everything that cross my path, so be careful!

Follow my race on ratn.legendstracking.com
My Capnumber is 109


100 10

Nog een weekje te gaan voor de start van #ratn2020

Zal een zware strijd worden tegen de wind, regen en mezelf

De race is live te volgen. Zie link in bio

74 37

I think that's me done in Race around the Netherlands 2020. I won't make any final decision until after a good sleep, but to cut a long story short my knees have given up on me.

A big push in the beginning seen me work my way up to fourth or fifth place. We reached Amsterdam around dusk on day 2, roughly 850km into the race, where my knees first started to complain and my pace slowed.

Eventually I found a less than perfect but sheltered bivvy spot by the sea and lay down for the night. When I woke up in the morning - and when I say morning, I mean an hour later - both my knees felt like they had been operated on, for a moment I thought they weren't actually going to move at all. Getting on the bike was not a comfortable experience. They did warm up after about 10 hours of riding and a stretch... They miraculously eased up and I powered through Rotterdam feeling optimistic again.

But then the same thing happened. Dusk set in and so did the pain in the knees. At this point I attributed it to the cold and set out looking for a hotel where I could at least get properly warmed up and attempt to reset - something that's virtually impossible to do when baked in sweat and sleeping outside. But by this time I had long left Rotterdam via a long, long, road through a bizarre Island inhabited only by sheep. It was late at night and local hotels now closed, so it was bivvy again on the beach.

Needless to say day 4 didn't bring new knees and they're quite important to the function of pedalling. They got worse and it simply became impossible to travel any further with any kind of efficiency and without damaging myself. So I'm having a hot shower and a warm bed for the night.

Overall I've taken it to be a positive experience. It's the first time I've ever quit a bike ride but the whole point was to set the bar so ridiculously high that there's no escape from the limits.

Roll on next year

#RATN2020 #racearoundthenetherlands #bikepacking #cycling #cycletourismo #bikepackinglife #biketour
#ultracycling #getoutside #outsideisfree #adventurecycling #ultradistancecycling #endurancecycling #bikewander #cyclinglife #bicycletravel #netherlands #lifebehindbars #RATNadventure2020

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An amazing start to the day! #racearoundthenetherlands #ratn2020 #ilovecycling ...

56 2



Daan Marsmans // 3D // 9H // 34M

Bernd Paul // 3D // 19H // 25M

Jair Hoogland // 3D // 20H // 55M

Bas Vlaskamp // 4D // 2H // 58M

Flip Patijn // 4D // 3H // 3M

Bart Verheijen // 4D // 3H // 20M

Martijn Driedonks // 4D // 10H // 10M

Billy Bob // 4D // 10H // 30M *

Meindert Commelin // 4D // 11H // 32M

Jasmijn Muller // 4D // 13H // 8M

Alexander Schmitz // 4D // 13H // 31M ****

Lauren Boex // 4D // 15H // 8M

Thorsten Heilen // 4D // 15H // 49M

Eddie Kouiss // 4D // 17H // 30M

Wouter van Engelen //  4D // 18H // 30M

Kristian Madsen // 4D // 19 // 13H 

Ralph Cullen // 4D // 19 // 13H 

Eelke Bakker // 4D // 19H // 35M 

Paul Ziermann // 4D // 20H // 25M 

Lukas Eger // 4D // 22H // 58M 

Ivan Soenario // 5D // 2H // 59M

Paul Herron // 5D // 4H // 32M

Stefan Kanne // 5D // 6H // 33M

Paul Hesen  5D // 7H // 12M

Lukas Tischer //  5D // 8H // 55M

Emile Maelfait //  5D // 9H // 40M

Richard de Boer //  5D // 10H // 53M

Marian Thissen-Smits //  5D // 11H // 40M

Hans Kroodsma //  5D // 11H // 46M

Stefan Slegl //  5D // 12H // 41M

Johnny Uitterhoeve //  5D // 13H // 2M

Lauren Wolting //  5D // 13H // 25M

Markus Weber  5D // 15H // 41M *

Ties Alfrink // 5D // 16H // 36M

Emmanuel Kempeneers // 5D // 18H // 42M

Jeroen van der Wiel // 6D // 2H // 57M

Egbert Darwinkel // 6D // 2H // 57M 

Jamie Robison // 6D // 4H // 22M

Arjan Zwanenburg //  6D // 5H // 25M

Haico Bianchi //  6D // 6H // 25M *

Carlo van Duren // 6D // 9H // 22M

Oliver Wong // 6D // 9H // 22M

Patrick Bruns //  6D // 12H // 1M

Meint Verhoeff // 6D // 12H // 58M

Rainer Dobrinkat // 6D // 13 // 18M

Francien Peterse 6D // 14H // 52M

Kurt Billiouw // 6D // 16H // 29M

Berry van den Brink // 6D // 16H // 29M

Vincent de Groot // 6D // 18H // 46M

Denny Baert // 6D // 19H // 41M

Klaus Svendsen // 6D // 21H // 2M

Ernst Huijboom // 7D // 3H // 16M

Bob Mesman // 7D // 7H // 50M

Rieks van Lubek // 7D // 8H // 59M

Johan Barelds // 7D // 9H // 17M

Theo Wolfs // 7D // 9H // 20M

Yaish Koelewijn // 7D // 12H // 30M

Florine Koning // 8D // 5H // 27M

Marian Bobko // 8D // 6H // 44M *

Ruerd Kuipers // 8D // 6H // 45M


Freddy Hoogheem // dnf

Lindsay Mccrae // dnf

Eline van Straalen // dnf

Paul Berkhout // dnf

Berten De Meyer // dnf

Bernd Rosing // dnf

Arjan Kraaijeveld // dnf

Marlow Drevel // dnf

Bram Jordens // dnf

Dimi Diels // dnf

ChristophKamps // dnf

Dieter Schietse // dnf

Julio Greff de Oliveira // dnf

Martin Dressel // dnf

Simon Daubert // dnf

* +1H time penalty (cutting off the route)

** +2H time penalty (cutting off the route)

**** +4H time penalty (cutting off the route)


Richard Frans // 4D // 17H // 36M

Erik Frans // dnf


Werner Finger // 5D // 15H // 58M

Christian Leitner //  5D // 15H // 58M


Ad Mulders //  6D // 4H // 45M

Joep Croonen // 6D // 4H // 45M


Ruben Casier // dnf

Stefaan Vanbillemont // dnf



Bas Vlaskamp, Netherlands // 4D // 1H // 3M 

Daan Marsmans, Netherlands // 4D // 4H // 35M

Sam Thomas, Netherlands // 4D // 6H // 48M

Yves Conen, Belgium // 4D // 10H // 8M

Ashley Sharp, United Kingdom // 4D // 10H // 10M

Bart Verheijen, Netherlands // 4D // 10H // 10M

Hippy, Australia // 4D // 13H // 4M

Stephen Haines, United Kingdom // 4D // 15H // 56M

Robert Ferri, Virgin Islands // 4D // 19H // 33M

Tom Hudders, Belgium  // 4D // 22H // 19M

Igor Talevski, Macedonia // 4D // 22H // 47M

Andy Lawrence, United Kingdom // 4D // 23H // 56M

Andrew Osborne, United Kingdom // 5D // 3H // 38M

Andras Regös, Switzerland // 5D // 5H // 52M

George Bennett, United Kingdom // 5D // 6H // 25M

Tom Williams, United Kingdom // 5D // 10H // 5M

Rob Meeuwessen, Netherlands // 5D // 11H // 10M

Erik Wallinga, Netherlands // 5D // 12H // 14M

Eddie Kouiss, Netherlands // 5D // 12H // 45M

Lamri Adjis, Netherlands // 5D // 18H // 3M

Jan-Dick den Das, Netherlands // 5D // 19H // 24M

Wybren Buijs, Netherlands // 5D // 22H // 13M

Aram Drake, Australia // 6D // 2H // 3M

Jack Peterson, United Kingdom // 6D // 2H // 19M

Carsten Honemann, Germany // 6D* // 3H // 58M

Richard Orton, United Kingdom // 6D // 4H // 45M

Stefan Anastasiei, Romania // 6D // 6H // 43M

Bregt Huizenga, Netherlands // 6D // 10H // 1M

Stéphane Billard, France // 6D // 10H // 41M

Sebastian Bönner, Germany // 6D // 10H // 53M

Bas Scherpenisse, Netherlands // 6D // 11H // 07M

Erik Vennemann, Netherlands // 6D // 11H // 14M

Onno Zuidema, Netherlands // 6D // 11H // 07M

René Rutten, Netherlands // 6D // 12H // 58M

Andrew Wilson, United Kingdom // 6D // 15H // 57M

Patrick Bruns, Netherlands // 7D // 6H // 21M

Kilian Wagner, Germany // 7D // 09H // 10M

Willem Pals, Netherlands // 7D // 09H // 38M

Berry van den Brink, Netherlands // 7D // 09H // 59M

Sheila Woollam, United Kingdom // 7D // 18H // 8M

Julia Freeman, United Kingdom // 8D // 7H // 50M

Susanne van Aardenne, Netherlands // 8D* // 11H // 41M

* +24H time adjustment for taken the afslusdike route


Kevin Robison, United Kingdom // 6D // 7H // 7M

Jamie Robison, United Kingdom // 6D // 7H // 7M

Richard Hunt, United Kingdom // 6D // 18H // 37M

Gawaine Clark, United Kingdom // 6D // 18H // 37M

Adam Kramer, Netherlands // 6D // 20H // 17M

Nathan Streunding, Netherlands // 6D // 20H // 17M

Maren Barkowsky, Germany // 6D // 22H // 16M

Marc Alinski, Germany // 6D // 22H // 16M

Christopher Crawford, United Kingdom // 7D* // 7H // 31M

Pascal Gebing, Germany // 7D* // 7H // 31M

Dirk Martens, Belgium // 8D // 3H // 43M 

Luc Van Ginneken, Belgium // 8D // 3H // 43M

Matteo Minola-Violino, Italy // 8D // 8H // 27M

Carmen Acampo, Netherlands // 8D* // 9H // 33M

Goedele Visser, Netherlands // 8D* // 9H // 33M

Andrew Slaven, Canada // 8D* // 9H // 40M

Matt Walker, United Kingdom // 8D* // 9H // 40M

* +24H time adjustment for taken the afslusdike route



Joris Cosyn, Belgium // 4D // 6H // 11M

Tjerk Bakker, Netherlands // 4D // 10H // 45M

Colin James, United Kingdom // 4D // 11H // 12M

Jason Schreurs, Netherlands // 4D //13H // 28M

Erik Wallinga, Netherlands // 4D // 14H // 35M

Adam Verhaar, Netherlands // 5D // 8H // 28M

James Holmes, Netherlands // 5D // 13H // 2M

Jamie Robison, United Kingdom // 6D // 4H // 19M

Onno Zuidema, Netherlands // 6D // 8H // 52M

Dean Strike, Australia // 6D // 11H // 48M

Erik Venneman, Netherlands // 6D // 16H // 5M

Rutger van Valderen, Netherlands // 6D // 16H // 30M // incl. 4H Penalty

William Luke Windsor, United Kingdom // 7D // 4H // 55M

Marc Wismans, Netherlands // 7D // 8H // 55M

Ralph Cullen, Netherlands // finish

Thijs Verbrugghe, Netherlands // dsq (fully self supported) // finish

Mathias Reygaerts, Belgium // dnf

Eric Kampherbeek, Netherlands // dnf

Lamri Adjis, Netherlands // dnf

Julia Freeman, United Kingdom // dnf

Olaf Rittgeroth, Germany // dnf

Eelco Weijmans, Netherlands // dnf

Jan-Willem Bobbink, Netherlands // dns

Christopher Greenan, Scotland // dns



Giorsio Raboen, Netherlands // 5D // 16H // 50M

Alain Raboen, Netherlands // 5D // 16H // 50M

Dennis Kim, South Korea // dnf

Hana Kim, South Korea // dnf

Leon Lagerwerf, Netherlands // dnf

Bart Meerwijk, Netherlands // dnf