Race around the Netherlands is a fully self-supported bike packing race.

The RatN is a do-it-yourself challenge.

You are your own ride organizer.

Understand that this is a personal challenge against the clock. Not against others!

It is 1950k in distance with 6800m of elevation.

The RatN has two categories – solo and pair.

Start and finish location:

De Proloog Cafe
Allemanswaard 27
3958 KA Amerongen

Start time and date in 2026:

Sign up and bike check: May 1st from 1300 to 1800 local time.
Start:  May 2nd at 0800 local time.
Official Finish: May 10th at 1800 local time.


1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish under their own power.

2. Riders must be fully self-supported.

3. No Drafting at any time.
(pair riders may draft each other)

4. Riders must follow the Dutch laws at any time.

5. Riders are required to use a provided GPS device.

6. No prize money.


The start and finish is in the village of Amerongen, located at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug at the famous cycling cafe De Proloog. The route takes us first along the rivers Neder-Rijn and the Waal to the historic cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem (known from the film “A Bridge Too Far” about the Operation Market Garden). Next you leave the beautiful river landscape and the historic cities behind and the route takes you through the National Park Veluwezoom. The National Park is known for its endless heath fields, imposing country estates and of course one of the most famous hills in the Netherlands, the Posbank.

You will pass through the heart of Enschede and along the Dolmens in the province of Drenthe, prehistoric burial chambers where the cycle route passes by. After which the route leads you through the city of Groningen.

The wind starts to get stronger along the coastline. Instead of crossing the Ijsselmeer overone of the icons of the Dutch flood defense, the Afsluitdijk, riders will ride around the Ijsselmeer and will pass scenic harbors in the towns of Enkhuizen and Hoorn.

den Header the route takes you south along the Dutch coast. Beautiful beaches and dunes with little to no buildings, towards the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. First you will cycle through the city of Rotterdam and across the Erasmus bridge towards the Maasvlakte.

The route takes you further south over the Delta Park Neeltje Jans, which is part of the Dutch flood defense, in the direction of Vlissingen. A historic city due to its strategic location. In the Eighty Years’ War between the Netherlands and Spain, the city was in Spanish hands for a while.

You cycle along the Belgian border towards the hills in the province of Limburg. Where you hit one of the iconic Dutch hills, the Keutenberg with a maximum gradient of 16%.

If you have conquered the hills you cycle back through the beautiful river landscape of the Maas towards Nijmegen. Via the southern side of the rivers over the dikes you will finish at the cafe De Proloog.


When and How much is the Registration?

Registration opens September 01st, 2025 and closes March 1st, 2025

Fee for Early Registration (until December 31st) is 215Euro.

Fee for Late Registration (from January 1st 2025) is 255 Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner!

Optional: Fee for a one night stay in the hostel the night prior to the event is 35,- extra

First come – first served!


What you get for the fee:

The Route in form of a gpx file

Tracking device for the duration of the event

Official race cap

Pictures we make during the event (can`t guarantee we have yours but we will try)

Publishing individual times on our website.


Refund policy:
115,- Euro refund until December, 30th 2025

Use the EVENT SIGN UP in the top menu if you already have an Adventure Bike Racing Account!
You need to LOGIN first!

Support program

Adventure Bike Racing introduces a support program with the goal to make Adventure Ultracycling more accessible to more people and to create a better Balance within the sport itself.

Adventure Bike Racing organizes unsupported adventure cycling events. Biggest Fundamentals of our sport are fairness and equality.

An event setup including brands as sponsors can create additional pressure on each participant to be extremely fast or especially influential. This is not what we want. We think everyone should have the same opportunities and therefor this support program is directed to all our riders equally because these events are not only about watching the fastest of our sport. Every participant is giving hundred percent and is inspiring and entertaining us with there individual adventure on many different levels and not only by being fast or influential.

If you feel inspired and entertained you can support this program.

One way to support would be to directly contribute to reducing someone’s starting fee. (Start support)

A second way to support is a “Thank you“ for being entertained or inspired. (Finish support)
Adventure Bike Racing will 100% use this support to celebrate everybody’s finish with meals and drinks.

 A supporter than has the choice to leave a name and a message. This would be displayed on our website.

A bike rider who always wanted to join an ultra cycling event but not had the budget to to so can sign up and benefit from this support.
A rider has to judge him/herself if he/she needs support. It’s fully anonymous.

The ultimate goal of this program would be that we can offer our events without an entry fee in the future.
Supported by the people our riders inspire and entertain. Thank you!

If you already have an account use the top menu to log in and follow the support in the top menu.

To change or update a message please visit your account and edit your profile!

Supporter messages



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Unofficial RESULTS 2024


Lennart Nap

3d 17h 18m

David Tschan

3d 18h 20m

Thomas Günsel

3d 20h 41m

Julio Greff

4d 5h 11m

Annedirk Douma

4d 5h 39m

Pier Nijenhuis

4d 7h 50m

Tobias Midderhoff

4d 10h 5m

Andrew Wilson (3h penalty group riding)

4d 10h 31m

Jan-willem Bobbink

4d 11h 8m

Matt Seward

4d 12h 9m

Maik Tonek

4d 12h 13m

Joost van Roosmalen

4d 12h 28m

Per Andersson

4d 13h 3m

Jonathan Sigemo

4d 13h 19m

Tyas van Leeuwen

4d 13h 22m

Wouter Gerritsen

4d 16h 27m

Niek Vermue

4d 19h 13m

Steve Reys

4d 19h 33m

Bastian Schlaak

4d 20h 17m

Aljoscha Abels

4d 21h 7m

John Sherlock

4d 21h 16m

Laurens Dhaese

4d 22h 36m

Nicole van Batenburg

4d 22h 39m

Ben Elst

5d 0h 23m

Ferdi Dorr

5d 1h 46m

Benjamin van Vianen

5d 3h 44m

Jan Zwart

5d 7h 9m

Marten Sprecher

5d 7h 56m

Gregor Towers

5d 8h 2m

Jan Wagtendonk

5d 8h 39m

Wilfred van der Schaaf

5d 9h 11m

Korjun de Boer

5d 9h 16m

Sylwia Kuropatwa

5d 9h 43m

Friedhelm Feige

5d 10h 49m

Piet Laubscher

5d 10h 52m

Alexander Ebell

5d 12h 46m

Rick Steggerda

5d 12h 53m

Aaron Lang

5d 13h 29m

Tim Hoogendijk

5d 14h 41m

Stijn Kingma

5d 14h 44m

Fadi Alrais

5d 16h 29m

Sake Zijlstra

5d 16h 59m

Marc Grewe

5d 18h 26m

Hana Uhlikova

5d 18h 35m

Dimitri Franz

5d 21h 20m

Michaela Abendroth

5d 22h 13m

Valentin Raab

6d 0h 57m

Tim Doole

6d 1h 39m

Floris van Overveld

6d 2h 10m

Luca Trombella

6d 3h 37m

Bastian Zwack

6d 3h 40m

David Stephen

6d 4h 46m

Thorben Kasch

6d 5h 12m

Bjorn Menze

6d 6h 10m

Vova Mihura

6d 6h 37m

Remco Kooistra

6d 6h 41m

Jelmer Vernooij

6d 6h 58m

Kaj Raaijmakers

6d 7h 36m

Pieter Claes

6d 7h 45m

David Claeys

6d 7h 48m

David Garnier

6d 8h 3m

Heero Zwart

6d 8h 56m

Marijke De Prez

6d 11h 1m

Geert Bonnema

6d 11h 7m

Christian Müller

6d 11h 13m

Julian Young

6d 11h 24m

Gitta Vernooij

6d 11h 36m

Auke Jongbloed

6d 11h 43m

Andy Smart

6d 11h 59m

Sjoerd Meijerink

6d 12h 25m

Balazs Meszaros

6d 12h 50m

Nathalie Hoogeveen

6d 13h 12m

Stephen Rose

6d 13h 13m

Marcial Eilers

6d 13h 47m

Vital Van den Breaembussche

6d 14h 2m

Mark Westcott

6d 14h 44m

Lee Killestein

6d 14h 58m

Guido Dees

6d 14h 59m

Dawid Salamon

6d 15h 24m

Andreas Balazs

6d 15h 34m

Svenja König

6d 16h 21m

Egbert Darwinkel

6d 18h 23m

Matthieu Bos

6d 21h 36m

Stephen Turner

6d 23h 12m

Tom van Tellingen

7d 2h 28m

Nicholas van Herpt

7d 2h 43m

Pieter Willems

7d 3h 30m

Joshua Maliepaard

7d 3h 59m

Tom Jackson

7d 4h 37m

Martin Drøger Hansen

7d 4h 48m

Christian Geist

7d 5h 46m

Kees van Dijk

7d 6h 10m

Dennis Kempenaars

7d 6h 30m

Kastytis Banys

7d 6h 41m

Patrick Bruns

7d 6h 59m

Ildefonso Baena

7d 7h 5m

Louis Nootenboom

7d 7h 6m

Maurits van der Heijde

7d 7h 30m

Dennis van Dijk

7d 7h 35m

Diana van de Merwe

7d 7h 39m

Johan van de Ven

7d 7h 39m

Romy Berntsen

7d 7h 53m

Mirjam Boltjes

7d 8h 5m

Roy Morssinkhof

7d 8h 6m

Daniel Haltmayer

7d 8h 34m

Mattijs Desmedt

7d 8h 34m

Angus MacKay

7d 8h 36m

Oliver Trewavas

7d 9h 7m

Peter Magill

7d 10h 49m

Imran Shaikh

7d 10h 52m

Ludovic Pennel

7d 11h 4m

Nastasia Vanderperren

7d 13h 3m

Elke Maier

7d 14h 42m

Ursula Zimmermann

7d 15h 43m

Duncan Pickles

7d 23h 0m

Ariel Rybczak

8d 5h 22m

Toni Säilä

8d 5h 55m

Wendy van Roosmalen

8d 6h 43m

Andrew Matthews

8d 6h 58m

Laura Rommelfanger

8d 7h 4m

Tessa Spaan

8d 7h 6m

Jonah Jones

8d 8h 9m

Werner Velis

8d 8h 23m

Charles Cox

8d 8h 23m

Lars Gottwald

10d 11h 11m


Remco Noske


Ralf Ringenaldus


Pjotr Hubin


Henry Spivey


Udo Huiskes


Florian Büchele


Kevin Wernhammer


Werner Finger


Bart De Keyser


Sean Ryan


Job Biersteker (DSQ for outside support)


Rainer Hilland


Sophie Gerlich


António Francisco


Kevin Stuart


Hilde Geens


Marian Bobko


Ellen Waaijer


Paul Berkhout


Eric Knipscheer


Gaspar Rodriguez


Marcel van der Graaff


Andy Eugster


Jürgen Schwahn


Vincent Valkenburg


Ivo van der Veer


Willem de Beer


Tobias Mugele


Artis Lehn


Jens Fischer


Bas Stegehuis


Bart van den Akker


Bas Vlaskamp


Bernhard Ritter


Felix Kasper


Aalzen Wijma


Dmitriy Ivanov


Mareike Bach


Karthik Raj


Richard Sharp


Jonathan Jacobs


Jelle Homburg


Johannes Beckmann


Kieran Killard


Martin Westall


Erik Frans


Ben Delaney


Patrick Schut


Herold Hissink


Mateusz Tondel


Philipp Uckelmann


Frank Sent


Clément Pic


Karel van Oorschot


Géraldine Ventoruzzo


Clive Haas


Victor van Buuren



Birgit – Kai Fuegel

6d 3h 22m

Paul Enders – Istvan Penzes

6d 11h 8m

Jan Coussement – Kristof Cool

6d 14h 46m

Peter Mul – Peter op den Kelder

6d 16h 27m

Bernhard Sistemich – Rolf Steinmueller

7d 3h 29m

Bart Sannen – Valerie Creemers

7d 5h 34m

Ties – Willem Van Dyck

7d 7h 53m

Christian Menzel – Martin Staffa

7d 8h 50m

Berend Groeneveld – Peer van Wijk

8d 4h 42m

Martin – Trudy Scholte Lubberink

8d 4h 50m

Inaki Fernandez – Martin Dressel

9d 9h 18m


Jan Jirka – Jan Moravec


Chris Baggley – Dan Meakin


Annelies van der Zwart – Hans van Delft


Floris Peters – Zoë Peters (DSQ for outside support)


Ben Sandee – Elizabeth Jesse


Wietse – Wouter Slob


Emily Brekelmans – Michel Piet




Lennart Nap // 3d 14h 43m

Jos Koop // 3d 18h 39m

Bas Vlaskamp // 3d 19h 18m

Daniël Walraven // 4d 4h 55m

Gereon Tewes // 4d 5h 30m

Paul Hesen // 4d 7h 46m

Nick Van Mead // 4d 8h 52m

Richard Frans // 4d 9h 15m

Joey van Ede // 4d 9h 48m

Robert Webb // 4d 10h 2m

Bernhard Ritter // 4d 11h 35m

Julio Greff // 4d 14h 28m

Tyas van Leeuwen // 4d 15h 7m

Dragomir Titei // 4d 15h 53m

Andrew Dumbill // 4d 17h 33m

Bas Belder // 4d 17h 43m

Anton De Jaeger // 4d 18h 9m

Kilian Wagner // 4d 18h 9m

Keno Pieper // 5d 0h 52m

Bernd Rosing // 5d 4h 10m

Stephane Große-Lüger // 5d 5h 52m

Eric Knipscheer // 5d 6h 41m

Jurjen Draaijer // 5d 7h 2m

Henri Arts // 5d 11h 14m

Sjoerd Slagter // 5d 12h 26m

Aleš Vaníček // 5d 12h 40m

Jakob Dieckmann // 5d 12h 49m

Bart Reitsma // 5d 12h 59m

Wouter Gerritsen // 5d 13h 15m

Sherry Cardona // 5d 13h 50m

John Broks // 5d 14h 6m

Dirk Thomassen // 5d 15h 19m

Joss Ridley // 5d 15h 25m

Richard Sidney // 5d 16h 37m

Hans Meinsma // 5d 16h 58m

Carlo van Duren // 5d 19h 53m

Luc Cousin // 5d 23h 14m

Brenan Morgan // 6d 3h 21m

Johan Lowette // 6d 6h 32m

Matthias Siegert // 6d 7h 40m

Gino De Kerf // 6d 8h 2m

Peter Selles // 6d 8h 26m

Heero Zwart // 6d 8h 44m

Paul Moraal // 6d 8h 46m

Wim Ceulemans // 6d 9h 35m

Rob Kenens // 6d 10h 47m

Zoë Peters // 6d 11h 0m

Hans Kroodsma // 6d 11h 29m

Paul Streets // 6d 11h 47m

Pierre Rioux // 6d 12h 58m

Hilde Geens // 6d 12h 59m

Glenn Cools // 6d 13h 36m

Wessel Kremer // 6d 15h 24m

Alberto Viciana Perez // 6d 15h 25m

Marcial Eilers // 6d 15h 26m

Richard Lake // 6d 15h 58m

Norbert Taucher // 6d 17h 32m

Kristof Cool // 6d 19h 19m

Rieks Van Lubek // 6d 20h 33m

Patrick Bruns // 7d 1h 23m

Gerrit Keppel // 7d 3h 57m

Bob Watts // 7d 5h 13m

Ocko Geserick // 7d 5h 57m

Wandert Benthem // 7d 8h 39m

Patrick Velt // 7d 11h 50m

Nick Lyons // 7d 12h 45m

Robert Glen // 8d 2h 25m

Ryan Davis // 8d 5h 19m

Piotr Liszke // 8d 5h 23m

Roel Goossens // 8d 6h 12m

Marc Wismans // 8d 6h 35m

Géraldine Ventoruzzo // 8d 6h 53m

Paul Berkhout // 8d 7h 35m

Tobias Mugele // 8d 7h 36m

Willem van der Zalm // 8d 7h 38m

Tiago Costa // 8d 7h 40m

Baptistine Smets // 8d 7h 58m

Werner Velis // 8d 8h 35m

Delphine Morel de Westgaver // 8d 8h 43m

Els De Clercq // 8d 8h 43m

Simon Rang // dnf

Alexander Otterbach // dnf

Willem van der Pas // dnf

Lukáš Klement // dnf

Erik Frans // dnf

Werner Coolen // dnf

Jens Fischer // dnf

Auke Jongbloed // dnf

Mark Paliwoda // dnf

Loic Nys Taymans // dnf

Paul Enders // dnf

Maurits van der Heijde // dnf

Guy Burgerhout // dnf

Kees Overboom // dnf

Kemal Arslan // dnf

Dirk Jerzinowski // dnf

Guillaume Faure // dnf

Knut Alsemgeest // dnf

Ingmar Sluiter // dnf

Imran Shaikh // dnf

Rutger Tromp // dnf

Matthieu Bos // dnf

Mikhail Khviadchenia // dnf

Arne Wolters // dnf

Anouk Wolters // dnf

Jan-willem Bobbink // dnf

Morten Stjernholt Nielsen // dnf

Toine Hooijen // dnf

Alexander Spoelstra // dnf

Gary Currie // dnf

Hanneke Brouwer // dnf

Chris Pool // dnf

Bruno Queiros // dnf

Raphael Albrecht // dnf

Bob Mesman // dnf

Geoffrey Bruurmijn // dnf

Martin Dressel // dnf

Marian Bobko // dnf

Fred Westerdaal // dnf

Patrick Schut // dnf

Rasmus Winther // dnf



Niklas Muxel // 5d 2h 3m

Uwe Schmidt // 5d 2h 3m

Fimme Veldhuis 6d // 11h 49m

Jelle Fokkema // dnf

Jori Klomp // 6d 12h 27m

Robert Haaijema // 6d 12h 27m

Jorrit Harder // 6d 20h 22m

Thomas Joosten 6d 20h 22m

Mirja Eisenblätter // 7d 4h 15m

Frank Eisenblätter // 7d 4h 15m

Maurice Heemskerk // 7d 10h 11m

Ramon van Stijn // 7d 10h 11m

Graham Dodds // 7d 15h 40m

Richard Porter // 7d 15h 40m

Linda Kleeven // 8d 6h 6m

Michaela Stuart // 8d 6h 6m

Christian Menzel // dnf

Martin Staffa // dnf

Jonathan Voigt // dnf

Marius Bettentrup // dnf



Bas Vlaskamp // 3d 19h 49m

Sven Cappuyns // 4d 8h 28m

Richard Frans // 4d 13h 57m

Paul Hesen // 4d 16h 35m

Jason Schreurs // 4d 21h 54m

Roeland van der Hoorn // 5d 3h 11m

Mark de Vos // 5d 6h 15m

Joep van Luijt // 5d 7h 25m

Tjerk Bakker // 5d 12h 2m

Pier Nijenhuis // 5d 13h 52m

Martin Lukasse // 5d 15h 35m

Pieter Wilbert Molemaker // 5d 16h 10m

Korjun de Boer // 6d 3h 29m

Sander Verdiesen // 6d 9h 22m

Johan Kooistra // 6d 11h 50m

Carlo van Duren // 6d 12h 42m

Berdine Bakker // 7d 2h 38m

Piere Ramaekers // 7d 8h 41m

Machiel Appel // 7d 8h 48m

Jan-Kees Pennings // 7d 11h 1m

Lars Wieringa // 7d 11h 48m

Maarten Naberink // 7d 14h 5m

Ruurdje Procee // 7d 14h 27m

Sjors Hegger // 8d 0h 1m

Patrick Bruns // 8d 3h 5m

Gemma Adelaar // 8d 11h 39m

Patrick Schut // 8d 15h 56m

Matthijs Plender // 9d 4h 45m

Charles Cox // 9d 13h 6m

Baptistine Smets // 10d 13h 23m

Jan-Dick den Das // dnf

Guy Burgerhout // dnf

Wandert Benthem // dnf

Julio Greff de Oliveira // dnf

Jonathan Verkerk // dnf

Bruce Martens // dnf

Hans Meinsma // dnf

Rémy Pedussel // dnf

Martijn Verhaeg // dnf

Matthieu Bos // dnf

Mark Paliwoda // dnf

Gregory Van Overloop // dnf

Arjan Kraaijeveld // dnf

Henri Arts // dnf

Rob Kenens // dnf

Deovrat Phal // dnf

Marc Wismans // dnf

Erik Wallinga // dnf

Jeroen van der Wiel // dnf

Edwin Nederlof // dnf

Marius Bettentrup // dnf

Hans Kroodsma // dnf

Niek Smeets // dnf

Marlow Drevel // dnf

Ivo Lafeber // dnf

John van Duren // dnf

Hugo Wasser // dnf


Auke Jongbloed // dsq

Kemal Arslan // dsq


Merijn Timmermans // 8d 2h 47m

Pieter Willems // dnf


Andrea van den Broek // 9d 7h 15m

Erik van Rijswij // 9d 7h 15m


Martijn Driedonks // dnf

Ralph Cullen // dnf


Jorrit Harder // dnf

Thomas Joosten // dnf


Bas Wiegel // dnf

Leandra Bisschops // dnf


Jara Verweij // dnf

Lennart Hoskam // dnf



Daan Marsmans // 3D // 9H // 34M

Bernd Paul // 3D // 19H // 25M

Jair Hoogland // 3D // 20H // 55M

Bas Vlaskamp // 4D // 2H // 58M

Flip Patijn // 4D // 3H // 3M

Bart Verheijen // 4D // 3H // 20M

Martijn Driedonks // 4D // 10H // 10M

Billy Bob // 4D // 10H // 30M *

Meindert Commelin // 4D // 11H // 32M

Jasmijn Muller // 4D // 13H // 8M

Alexander Schmitz // 4D // 13H // 31M ****

Lauren Boex // 4D // 15H // 8M

Thorsten Heilen // 4D // 15H // 49M

Eddie Kouiss // 4D // 17H // 30M

Wouter van Engelen //  4D // 18H // 30M

Kristian Madsen // 4D // 19 // 13H 

Ralph Cullen // 4D // 19 // 13H 

Eelke Bakker // 4D // 19H // 35M 

Paul Ziermann // 4D // 20H // 25M 

Lukas Eger // 4D // 22H // 58M 

Ivan Soenario // 5D // 2H // 59M

Paul Herron // 5D // 4H // 32M

Stefan Kanne // 5D // 6H // 33M

Paul Hesen  5D // 7H // 12M

Lukas Tischer //  5D // 8H // 55M

Emile Maelfait //  5D // 9H // 40M

Richard de Boer //  5D // 10H // 53M

Marian Thissen-Smits //  5D // 11H // 40M

Hans Kroodsma //  5D // 11H // 46M

Stefan Slegl //  5D // 12H // 41M

Johnny Uitterhoeve //  5D // 13H // 2M

Lauren Wolting //  5D // 13H // 25M

Markus Weber  5D // 15H // 41M *

Ties Alfrink // 5D // 16H // 36M

Emmanuel Kempeneers // 5D // 18H // 42M

Jeroen van der Wiel // 6D // 2H // 57M

Egbert Darwinkel // 6D // 2H // 57M 

Jamie Robison // 6D // 4H // 22M

Arjan Zwanenburg //  6D // 5H // 25M

Haico Bianchi // 6D // 6H // 25M *

Carlo van Duren // 6D // 9H // 22M

Oliver Wong // 6D // 9H // 22M

Patrick Bruns //  6D // 12H // 1M

Meint Verhoeff // 6D // 12H // 58M

Rainer Dobrinkat // 6D // 13 // 18M

Francien Peterse 6D // 14H // 52M

Kurt Billiouw // 6D // 16H // 29M

Berry van den Brink // 6D // 16H // 29M

Vincent de Groot // 6D // 18H // 46M

Denny Baert // 6D // 19H // 41M

Klaus Svendsen // 6D // 21H // 2M

Ernst Huijboom // 7D // 3H // 16M

Bob Mesman // 7D // 7H // 50M

Rieks van Lubek // 7D // 8H // 59M

Johan Barelds // 7D // 9H // 17M

Theo Wolfs // 7D // 9H // 20M

Yaish Koelewijn // 7D // 12H // 30M

Florine Koning // 8D // 5H // 27M

Marian Bobko // 8D // 6H // 44M *

Ruerd Kuipers // 8D // 6H // 45M


Freddy Hoogheem // dnf

Lindsay Mccrae // dnf

Eline van Straalen // dnf

Paul Berkhout // dnf

Berten De Meyer // dnf

Bernd Rosing // dnf

Arjan Kraaijeveld // dnf

Marlow Drevel // dnf

Bram Jordens // dnf

Dimi Diels // dnf

ChristophKamps // dnf

Dieter Schietse // dnf

Julio Greff de Oliveira // dnf

Martin Dressel // dnf

Simon Daubert // dnf


* +1H time penalty (cutting off the route)

**** +4H time penalty (cutting off the route)


Richard Frans // 4D // 17H // 36M

Erik Frans // dnf


Werner Finger // 5D // 15H // 58M

Christian Leitner //  5D // 15H // 58M


Ad Mulders //  6D // 4H // 45M

Joep Croonen // 6D // 4H // 45M


Ruben Casier // dnf

Stefaan Vanbillemont // dnf



Bas Vlaskamp, Netherlands // 4D // 1H // 3M

Daan Marsmans, Netherlands // 4D // 4H // 35M

Sam Thomas, Netherlands // 4D // 6H // 48M

Yves Conen, Belgium // 4D // 10H // 8M

Ashley Sharp, United Kingdom // 4D // 10H // 10M

Bart Verheijen, Netherlands // 4D // 10H // 10M

Hippy, Australia // 4D // 13H // 4M

Stephen Haines, United Kingdom // 4D // 15H // 56M

Robert Ferri, Virgin Islands // 4D // 19H // 33M

Tom Hudders, Belgium // 4D // 22H // 19M

Igor Talevski, Macedonia // 4D // 22H // 47M

Andy Lawrence, United Kingdom // 4D // 23H // 56M

Andrew Osborne, United Kingdom // 5D // 3H // 38M

Andras Regös, Switzerland // 5D // 5H // 52M

George Bennett, United Kingdom // 5D // 6H // 25M

Tom Williams, United Kingdom // 5D // 10H // 5M

Rob Meeuwessen, Netherlands // 5D // 11H // 10M

Erik Wallinga, Netherlands // 5D // 12H // 14M

Eddie Kouiss, Netherlands // 5D // 12H // 45M

Lamri Adjis, Netherlands // 5D // 18H // 3M

Jan-Dick den Das, Netherlands // 5D // 19H // 24M

Wybren Buijs, Netherlands // 5D // 22H // 13M

Aram Drake, Australia // 6D // 2H // 3M

Jack Peterson, United Kingdom // 6D // 2H // 19M

Carsten Honemann, Germany // 6D* // 3H // 58M

Richard Orton, United Kingdom // 6D // 4H // 45M

Stefan Anastasiei, Romania // 6D // 6H // 43M

Bregt Huizenga, Netherlands // 6D // 10H // 1M

Stéphane Billard, France // 6D // 10H // 41M

Sebastian Bönner, Germany // 6D // 10H // 53M

Bas Scherpenisse, Netherlands // 6D // 11H // 07M

Erik Vennemann, Netherlands // 6D // 11H // 14M

Onno Zuidema, Netherlands // 6D // 11H // 07M

René Rutten, Netherlands // 6D // 12H // 58M

Andrew Wilson, United Kingdom // 6D // 15H // 57M

Patrick Bruns, Netherlands // 7D // 6H // 21M

Kilian Wagner, Germany // 7D // 09H // 10M

Willem Pals, Netherlands // 7D // 09H // 38M

Berry van den Brink, Netherlands // 7D // 09H // 59M

Sheila Woollam, United Kingdom // 7D // 18H // 8M

Julia Freeman, United Kingdom // 8D // 7H // 50M

Susanne van Aardenne, Netherlands // 8D* // 11H // 41M

* +24H time adjustment for taken the afslusdike route


Kevin Robison, United Kingdom // 6D // 7H // 7M

Jamie Robison, United Kingdom // 6D // 7H // 7M

Richard Hunt, United Kingdom // 6D // 18H // 37M

Gawaine Clark, United Kingdom // 6D // 18H // 37M

Adam Kramer, Netherlands // 6D // 20H // 17M

Nathan Streunding, Netherlands // 6D // 20H // 17M

Maren Barkowsky, Germany // 6D // 22H // 16M

Marc Alinski, Germany // 6D // 22H // 16M

Christopher Crawford, United Kingdom // 7D* // 7H // 31M

Pascal Gebing, Germany // 7D* // 7H // 31M

Dirk Martens, Belgium // 8D // 3H // 43M 

Luc Van Ginneken, Belgium // 8D // 3H // 43M

Matteo Minola-Violino, Italy // 8D // 8H // 27M

Carmen Acampo, Netherlands // 8D* // 9H // 33M

Goedele Visser, Netherlands // 8D* // 9H // 33M

Andrew Slaven, Canada // 8D* // 9H // 40M

Matt Walker, United Kingdom // 8D* // 9H // 40M

* +24H time adjustment for taken the afslusdike route



Joris Cosyn, Belgium // 4D // 6H // 11M

Tjerk Bakker, Netherlands // 4D // 10H // 45M

Colin James, United Kingdom // 4D // 11H // 12M

Jason Schreurs, Netherlands // 4D //13H // 28M

Erik Wallinga, Netherlands // 4D // 14H // 35M

Adam Verhaar, Netherlands // 5D // 8H // 28M

James Holmes, Netherlands // 5D // 13H // 2M

Jamie Robison, United Kingdom // 6D // 4H // 19M

Onno Zuidema, Netherlands // 6D // 8H // 52M

Dean Strike, Australia // 6D // 11H // 48M

Erik Venneman, Netherlands // 6D // 16H // 5M

Rutger van Valderen, Netherlands // 6D // 16H // 30M // incl. 4H Penalty

William Luke Windsor, United Kingdom // 7D // 4H // 55M

Marc Wismans, Netherlands // 7D // 8H // 55M

Ralph Cullen, Netherlands // finish

Thijs Verbrugghe, Netherlands // dsq (fully self supported) // finish

Mathias Reygaerts, Belgium // dnf

Eric Kampherbeek, Netherlands // dnf

Lamri Adjis, Netherlands // dnf

Julia Freeman, United Kingdom // dnf

Olaf Rittgeroth, Germany // dnf

Eelco Weijmans, Netherlands // dnf

Jan-Willem Bobbink, Netherlands // dns

Christopher Greenan, Scotland // dns



Giorsio Raboen, Netherlands // 5D // 16H // 50M

Alain Raboen, Netherlands // 5D // 16H // 50M

Dennis Kim, South Korea // dnf

Hana Kim, South Korea // dnf

Leon Lagerwerf, Netherlands // dnf

Bart Meerwijk, Netherlands // dnf