Three Peaks Bike Race is an unsupported bike packing race over three major mountain passes!

The next edition starts in Vienna at Schönbrunn Palace on Saturday July 05th, 2025.

Finish line 2024 is in Barcelona – Spain. Official finish closes on July 17th at 18.00, 2025.

The route concept is that you have to design your own one along the Three Peaks!


1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish on a self planed route with in between 3 mountain Peaks.

2. Riders must be fully self-supported.

3. No Drafting at any time.

4. Riders must follow the local laws at any time.

5. All bikes have to pass a check up before the start.

6. Riders are required to use a provided GPS Tracker if they want to be ranked in the general classification.

7. No prize money.

ROUTE 2024

Three Peaks Bike Race leads you across the most beautiful landscape in Europe.
At the same time its maybe the most challenging terrain too.

You have to ride on a self planned cycling route along three high Mountain Peaks all the way to the finish in Nice – France.

Ride directly to the next Peak over another mountain or take the longer flat way around. That is up to you!

Mandatory checkpoints 2024:  (choose your own peaks order)

Start parcour out of Vienna

Peak X – Dolomites (choose your direction)

Peak X – Alps – Grimselpass

Peak X – Vosges (choose your direction)

Finish parcour from Alpe Huez to Nice

Note that until June 10th, 2024 there might be some small updates. However these route files are fine to plan your routes in between!

Start - Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace will be the start point of the event. It is one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historical monuments in the country. And it looks good on pictures!

PEAK X - Dolomites

PEAK X - ALPS / Grimselpass

PEAK X - Vosges


Your adventure ends in Nice – France!
It’s a good spot to relax or even keep on travelling if you want this. And of course you can also find Gelato everywhere. If you just want to go home its infrastructure and location will allow that really fast.



When and How much is the Registration?

Registration opens October 1st, 2023!

Early Bird Registration!

Fee for Early Bird Registration Solo and Pair category is 245 Euro.

Early Bird Registration closes December 30th, 2023 

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.


Late Registration if not sold out!

Fee for Late Registration Solo and Pair category is 275 Euro.

Late Registration closes April 1st, 2024

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.


What you get for the fee:

Tracking device for the duration of the event!
In case you want to use your own spot tracker we will refund 15,- Euros!

Official race cap

Pictures we make during the event (can`t guarantee we have yours but we will try)

Finisher picture and beer!

Publishing individual times on our website.


Refund policy:

145,- Euro refund until January 1st, 2024
After January 1st, 2024 no refund!

Use the EVENT SIGN UP in the top menu if you already have an Adventure Bike Racing Account!
You need to LOGIN first!

RiderS 2024


Tracking link click the logo:

#TPBR2023 @adventurebikeracing

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Vienna // Monte Grappa // Grimselpass // Grand Ballon // Nice


Dominique Schwab

5d 16h 50m

Manu Rudaz

5d 19h 43m

Martin Moritz

5d 20h 57m

Lukas Neubeck

5d 20h 57m

Markus Biechl

6d 2h 5m

Christoph Fuhrbach

6d 10h 12m

Tobias Midderhoff

6d 10h 23m

Nils Oyen

6d 11h 20m

Max Siering

6d 11h 35m

Florian Kraschitzer

6d 12h 50m

Dries van der Kleij

6d 16h 38m

Felix Engels

6d 23h 34m

Alexander Vorrath

6d 23h 39m

Severin Jacobi

7d 0h 19m

Andy Styger

7d 0h 40m

Dominik Zimmermann

7d 1h 24m

Benjamin Gfeller

7d 1h 45m

Christian Rechberger

7d 3h 39m

Tobias Gosch

7d 3h 52m

Christoph Pernsteiner

7d 4h 13m

Daniel Grützner

7d 4h 54m

Patrick Endriß

7d 5h 26m

Tomáš Zaplatílek

7d 5h 33m

Kevin Wernhammer

7d 6h 2m

Dominik Bokstaller

7d 7h 58m

Etienne Hamon

7d 7h 59m

Robert Meierhofer

7d 8h 5m

Pawel Milkowski

7d 9h 12m

Matthias Weber

7d 9h 45m

Jill Hovekamp

7d 10h 0m

Josef Rauscher

7d 11h 19m

Sebastian Lehmann

7d 11h 43m

Martin Neitzke

7d 12h 20m

Gerhard Trimmel

7d 13h 8m

Christoph Tapken

7d 13h 19m

Stefan Weginger

7d 17h 50m

Michael Danner

7d 18h 19m

Daniel Blättler

7d 18h 31m

Anna Pomwenger

7d 19h 32m

Yannick Reich

7d 21h 19m

Nicolas Malet

7d 21h 41m

Rene Brauen

7d 22h 2m

Quentin Collin

7d 22h 50m

Gaspar Rodriguez

7d 23h 0m

Katharina Ewald

7d 23h 6m

Thomas Hauser-Zronek

7d 23h 22m

Thomas Saunders

7d 23h 29m

Irene Graf

8d 0h 7m

Michael Hokkeler

8d 0h 23m

Julian Fricke

8d 3h 5m

Thoralf Friedrich

8d 3h 23m

Lukas Thierau

8d 3h 33m

Martin Vaupel

8d 4h 5m

Noah Hennes

8d 4h 55m

Jean-Yves Couet

8d 5h 5m

Thomas Astecker

8d 6h 4m

Nico Mausch

8d 6h 17m

Angelika Kuhn

8d 6h 40m

Sebastian Ritter

8d 6h 48m

Manuel Feldbaumer

8d 7h 17m

Mathias Mücke

8d 7h 26m

Felix Salwik

8d 7h 49m

Jost Schumski

8d 7h 58m

Urs Mannhart

8d 8h 58m

Patrick Bühler

8d 9h 3m

Ruud Van Cauteren

8d 9h 10m

Lennard van Oosten

8d 10h 6m

Paul Irmann

8d 10h 36m

Stefan Kohlmeister

8d 11h 8m

Alejandro Aznar Pretel

8d 11h 38m

Peter Meisel

8d 12h 5m

Pavel Klinov

8d 12h 18m

Antoine Baschiera

8d 12h 22m

Samuel Fresard

8d 12h 30m

Julia Loose

8d 13h 55m

Sander den Boon

8d 14h 5m

Samuel Wintereder

8d 14h 22m

Lukas Krombholz

8d 14h 39m

Michael Felber

8d 16h 25m

Christian Spoerl

8d 17h 4m

Christian Kleber

8d 19h 40m

Paul Busch

8d 20h 57m

Bas Bakx

8d 21h 26m

Philipp Beinert

8d 21h 29m

Elie Cucurou

8d 21h 39m

Thilo Weigert

8d 22h 16m

Andreas Hammer

8d 22h 21m

Michal Vysinsky

8d 22h 58m

Jörg Rendel

9d 0h 46m

Philipp Uckelmann

9d 1h 8m

Joel Bonfranchi

9d 1h 53m

Michael Tokarski

9d 2h 5m

Julian Zeug

9d 2h 19m

Robert Heinze

9d 3h 4m

Marlene Windisch

9d 3h 28m

Hans-Georg Acker

9d 3h 45m

Philipp Lührs

9d 3h 50m

Laurin Wissmeier

9d 3h 51m

Nils Hermann

9d 4h 16m

Michael Althoff

9d 4h 22m

Balazs Velekei

9d 5h 24m

Tim Heiber

9d 5h 48m

Martin Opprecht

9d 5h 56m

Wolfgang Rosmann

9d 6h 5m

Pavel Krajčík

9d 6h 13m

Stephan Simmermacher

9d 7h 11m

Daniel Holder

9d 7h 19m

Julien Schneider

9d 7h 42m

Mathilde Germanier

9d 7h 59m

Clémence Vandergheynst

9d 9h 0m

Annelie Sommer

9d 9h 3m

Matthias Küng

9d 9h 4m

Wojciech Gawliczek

9d 9h 32m

Gerhard Dashuber

9d 9h 39m

Nadine Djordjevic

9d 10h 8m

Jean-Sébastien Henniquiau

9d 10h 29m

Christoph Pfahler

9d 10h 39m

Brigitte Stocker

9d 10h 53m

Marie Dehon

9d 11h 9m

Marius Nagel

9d 11h 23m

Stevie Thissen

9d 11h 46m

André Ruhner

9d 11h 46m

Tibor Molnar

9d 12h 24m

Carolin Hagedorn

9d 15h 40m

Simon Sachseder

9d 15h 52m

Thierry Le Dréan

9d 17h 28m

Frank Scholler

9d 23h 8m

Michael Maier

9d 23h 10m

Michael Mayer

9d 23h 37m

Peter Schumann

9d 23h 46m

Raphael Ottiger

10d 0h 0m

Jens Becker

10d 0h 10m

Katharina Kramp

10d 4h 33m

Alexandre Lopez

10d 4h 51m

Wolfgang Ramiger

10d 4h 52m

Alina Hantke

10d 5h 8m

Josef Reger

10d 5h 37m

Luka Lukic

10d 10h 1m

Kai Sikorski

10d 14h 9m

Christopher Bennett

10d 14h 16m

Erwin Bot

11d 0h 45m

Dieter Weidhaus

11d 6h 18m

Sophie Gerlich

11d 10h 35m

Marco Mayer

11d 14h 7m

Vaughan Thomas

13d 5h 14m


Eduard Fuchs


Bernd Tauderer


Thomas Schirnhofer


Jochen Schabus


Christian Berger


Michael Schlag


Fabio Fenn


Franziska Buss


Julie von Gruenigen


Marlon Marco Letzin


Frederik Niessen


Thomas Wittmann


Casper van Wijck


Ellena Brandner


Vincent Fontaine


Antoine Vernez


Markus Gerber


Ramūnas Valeika


Jacob Rasmussen


Jens Bien


Thomas Krippentz


René Hengsberg


Bastian Schneider


Daniel Schaufelberger


Christian Soria


Sigbjørn Brennhovd


Frank Stockbrügger


Patrick Busche


Stefan Kohler


Fatih Eroglu


Arnold Oehler


Vanessa Schäffeler


Andreas Westphal


Thomas Böwing


Andrea Grubauer


Julian Mönig


Elke Maier


Hannu Välimäki


Patrick Papst


Simon Wüthrich


Simon Descamps


Thomas Reinthaler


Moritz Grämiger


Philipp Bujotzek


Branko Fort


Lucas Stifani


Franz Unger


Niklas Gleser


Martin Leitner


Aron Schwarz


Robert Gast


Martin Danz


Florian Büchele


Bruno Pelli


Christophe Antonoff


Kilian Hermes


Christoph Fischer


Florian Wagner


Stefan Fimpel


Thomas Frechen


Eric Knoll


Andrea Mundt


Eugen Sinz


André Klein


Hendrik Reiß


Frank Gussenstätter


Christian Moricchi


Bjoern Bahlmann


Jan Brauer


Delia Rechichi


Karsten Seul


Harald Maier


Nick Livermore


Philipp Bevanda


Hugo Karas


Peter Adam


Daniel Jung


Dániel Gulyás


Bob van Streun


Daniel Roth


Michael Meier


Timo König


Friedrich Sobotka


Rafael Bittermann


Cyril Ledermann


Sebastian Cario


Axel Steidl


Cengiz Kalayci


Martin Kochinke


Eric Spencer


Stefan Blum


Matthew Bick


Peder Åström


Hans-Werner Breuer


Jamie Clowes


Robin Skoge



Adrien Mabileau

6d 23h 6m

Pierre-Yves Fontaine

6d 23h 6m


Sheila Fiedler

7d 2h 30m

Rafael Wyss

7d 2h 30m


Arno Lagger

7d 5h 29m

Henning Sydow

7d 5h 29m


Robert Reinecke

7d 7h 56m

Leonhard von Hammerstein



Michele Verdoja

7d 17h 0m

Tommaso Bovi

7d 17h 0m


Hartmut Meyer

9d 4h 40m

Tony Meyer

9d 4h 40m


Lisa Pacher

9d 6h 26m

Timo Stein

9d 6h 26m


Christel Vieth

9d 12h 25m

Andreas Steinke

9d 12h 25m


Florian Mertens

9d 23h 39m

Stefan Fassnacht

9d 23h 39m


Kerstin Rubarth

10d 1h 57m

Lorenz Kramer

10d 1h 57m


Lea Johow

10d 2h 14m

Leonie Stegmüller

10d 2h 14m


Katharina Winderl

10d 2h 37m

Anton Steinbacher

10d 2h 37m


Paula Vielhaber

10d 4h 7m

Jan Schank

10d 4h 7m


Adrian Vogel

10d 6h 2m

Kâmuran Cankurt

10d 6h 2m


Silja Kessler

11d 16h 46m

Luca Trumpp

11d 16h 46m


Cindy Hertach

13d 1h 43m

Raphael Karrer

13d 1h 43m


Nikolaus Gussner


Paul Splechtna



Benjamin Keenan


Iwan Barankay



Vienna // Timmelsjoch // Puy Mary // Col de Portet d’Aspet // Barcelona

Adam Bialek 5d 20h 3m
Bernhard Ritter 6d 8h 10m
Rémi Mejean 6d 8h 58m
Georg Walther 6d 13h 52m
Joshua Hampp 6d 16h 54m
Jonathan Abbott 6d 20h 18m
Thomas Günsel 7d 0h 32m
Helge Nesse 7d 0h 32m
Marcel Opprecht 7d 1h 58m
Tomáš Zaplatílek 7d 2h 18m
Marcel Knaus 7d 3h 48m
Jimmy Ashby 7d 6h 4m
Fanny Bensussan 7d 6h 25m
Jair Hoogland 7d 8h 49m
Siegfried Beier 7d 9h 47m
Hans Miggenrieder 7d 10h 4m
Björn Lenhard 7d 10h 4m
Hannah Ghazi-Idrissi 7d 10h 20m
Ada Haas 7d 12h 58m
Kevin Wernhammer 7d 17h 48m
Lea Hamberger 7d 19h 3m
Christopher Murkin 7d 19h 39m
Alexandre Duros 7d 20h 24m
Frank Stockbrügger 7d 22h 38m
Ede Harrison 7d 22h 38m
Stefan Weginger 8d 4h 9m
Bernhard Kämmerer 8d 4h 40m
Ferran Bargas Sabat 8d 5h 18m
Philipp Bujotzek 8d 5h 50m
Christoph Hartmann 8d 8h 50m
Franz Nawrocki 8d 8h 50m
Nicolau Prats Coma 8d 9h 16m
Gernot Stenz 8d 10h 20m
Tony Meyer 8d 11h 5m
Sven Reutter 8d 11h 59m
Benoit Exbrayat 8d 12h 37m
Florian Cordel 8d 12h 37m
Michael Felber 8d 13h 1m
Hauke Stoelting 8d 13h 1m
Felix Wilking 8d 13h 8m
Friedrich Sobotka 8d 13h 20m
Jonas Heyberger 8d 13h 36m
Bastian Wegner 8d 13h 37m
Gwennael Maffei 8d 14h 33m
Michael Ganzinger 8d 23h 2m
Stephan Wieser 8d 23h 21m
Stefan Kanne 9d 0h 4m
Grischa Keller 9d 2h 23m
Moritz Kreilinger 9d 3h 39m
Sebastian Restrepo 9d 3h 51m
Larissa Sauter 9d 3h 51m
Alexander Ebell 9d 4h 2m
Victor Wilking 9d 6h 0m
Samuel Wintereder 9d 6h 30m
Uwe Strasser 9d 6h 54m
Laurens Boex 9d 8h 42m
Gedas Antanaitis 9d 10h 3m
Thomas Kemetmüller 9d 10h 3m
Patrick Luchsinger 9d 11h 11m
Mario Gómez 9d 12h 12m
Thomas Astecker 9d 12h 41m
Christian Pany 9d 13h 48m
Guilhem Grimaud 9d 18h 10m
Andreas Fröhlich 9d 21h 1m
Fatih Eroglu 9d 23h 28m
Julius Trasselli 9d 23h 36m
Jochen Friedrichs 9d 23h 51m
Marco Lang 9d 23h 51m
Kilian Kluge 10d 1h 0m
Johannes Müller 10d 2h 4m
Gerald Stampfel 10d 2h 33m
Michael Grobe 10d 4h 4m
Andreas Starke 10d 5h 25m
Pavel Krajčík 10d 5h 37m
Florian Büchele 10d 8h 44m
Stefan Kohlmeister 10d 8h 57m
Vesa Härkönen 10d 9h 4m
Christoph Rücker 10d 10h 55m
Irene Graf 10d 11h 7m
Matthias Siegert 10d 11h 7m
Stephan Simmermacher 10d 12h 24m
Laurin Wissmeier 10d 21h 51m
Bryan Bourauel 10d 22h 47m
Matthieu Talleu 10d 23h 4m
Thierry Le Dréan 10d 23h 22m
Andris Graudins 10d 23h 54m
Maren Schöttke 11d 0h 47m
Martin Klauser 11d 1h 14m
Franz Reibestein 11d 5h 9m
Guenter Hausschmid 11d 6h 37m
Simon Roth 11d 8h 25m
Marc Förschler 11d 23h 52m
Jacob Gauvin 12d 0h 33m
Jan Bruckner 12d 2h 16m
Hendrik Graack 12d 2h 30m
Markus Ott 12d 2h 30m
Clemens Hoffmann 12d 2h 30m
Sean Swarts 12d 3h 21m
Elke Maier 12d 7h 38m
Roy Bøhmer 12d 8h 12m
Christian Geist 12d 21h 59m
Harald Maier 14d 23h 16m
Patrick Scholz 18d 17h 54m
Michele Lacomino dnf
Holm Gruhle dnf
Ferruccio Labita dnf
Urs Arnold Kutschera dnf
Marguerite Muhlhaus dnf
Bartlomiej Nowak dnf
Philipp Sang dnf
Jakob Hoffmann dnf
Florian Tscherny dnf
Karol Zukowski dnf
Manuel Steiner dnf
Raphael Ottiger dnf
Stephane Große-Lüger dnf
Andreas Hammer dnf
Stephan Beutler dnf
Peter Schumann dnf
Thorsten Hirsemann dnf
Jonathan Lenz dnf
Lucia Schirmbeck dnf
Gerald Wolf dnf
Christian Hessler dnf
Günther Altersberger dnf
Malte Klassen dnf
Kristian Madsen dnf
Leonhard Helminger dnf
Ugo Kratter dnf
Brenan Morgan dnf
Daniel Holder dnf
Peter Grasser dnf
Paul Berkhout dnf
Martin Schürz dnf
Michael Dieckmeyer dnf
Dominik Dvořák dnf
Andrew Dumbill dnf
Tyler Haab dnf
Mike Hurny dnf
Martin Opprecht dnf
Christian Moricchi dnf
Dietmar Pasqualini dnf
Markus Leitgeb dnf
Florian Klöß dnf
Andre Roeder dnf
Claire Brook dnf
Francesco Catania dnf
Franziska Buss dnf
Christian Pohlig dnf
Bride Pascal dnf
Frank Scholler dnf
Thilo Weigert dnf
Michel Bucheli 8d 11h 3m
Remo Koch 8d 11h 3m
Andreas Gasteiger 8d 16h 46m
Thomas Alexander Henn 8d 16h 46m
Markus Biechl 8d 18h 50m
Robert Schneeberger 8d 18h 50m
Luca Colonetti 8d 21h 59m
Luigi Burini 8d 21h 59m
Michal Durec 9d 0h 17m
Zlatimira Petrova 9d 0h 17m
Peter Tannenberger 9d 1h 5m
Christian Schäfer dnf
Jill Hovekamp 9d 7h 15m
Katharina Ewald 9d 7h 15m
Nikolaus Gussner 10d 0h 32m
Paul Splechtna 10d 0h 32m
Andrea-Luca Zarotti 11d 5h 18m
Luc Gujer 11d 5h 18m
Andreas Steinke 11d 6h 10m
Christel Vieth 11d 6h 10m
Alexander Lawundy 12d 3h 41m
Stefanie Lawundy 12d 3h 41m
Guillaume Lippens dnf
Jean-Yves Couet dnf
Alex Groehl dnf
Katharina Pier dnf
Dietrich Klonk dnf
Matthias Bauer dnf
Katharina Meinhardt dnf
Robert Konitzer dnf
Christoph Fuellenbach dnf
James Fox dnf


Vienna // Tre Cime di Lavaredo // Frutt – Tannalp // Colle del Nivolet // MT Ventoux – Nice



Justinas Leveika // 5d 6h 31m

Bernhard Ritter // 5d 15h 39m

Julien Roissard // 5d 18h 11m

Thomas Ceyrowsky // 6d 0h 55m

Loic Marin-Lamellet // 6d 2h 14m

Carlos Mazón // 6d 9h 48m

Fynn Graf // 6d 10h 0m

Luisa Werner // 6d 10h 13m

Tobias Fuchs // 6d 10h 32m

Javi Gamallo // 6d 13h 15m

Christoph Fuhrbach // 6d 15h 37m

Oliver Gyger // 6d 19h 26m

Flo Thiessen // 6d 20h 18m

Stefan Eferdinger // 6d 21h 52m

Johannes Schützenhofer // 6d 22h 21m

Mathias Jäger // 7d 0h 27m

Joshua Gohl // 7d 1h 23m

Tomáš Zaplatílek // 7d 2h 52m

Pieter Wilbert Molemaker // 7d 3h 38m

Clément Fouquet-Lapar // 7d 3h 51m

Bart Van De Water // 7d 4h 15m

Benedikt Heyl // 7d 7h 13m

Francesco Corona // 7d 7h 25m

Marguerite Muhlhaus // 7d 8h 32m

Kilian Hermes // 7d 8h 42m

Lea Hamberger // 7d 8h 53m

Vincent Huvelle // 7d 10h 13m

Frank Aurich // 7d 11h 32m

Gerhard Trimmel // 7d 12h 22m

Jakob Hoffmann // 7d 12h 50m

Andrea Boscolo // 7d 15h 2m

Arco van Zetten // 7d 21h 2m

Stefan Kohlmeister // 7d 23h 27m

Antoine Furstein // 8d 0h 4m

Günther Altersberger // 8d 0h 30m

Niklas Dominick // 8d 1h 41m

Moritz Kreilinger // 8d 2h 36m

Hannah Ghazi-Idrissi // 8d 3h 23m

Christoph Hartmann // 8d 5h 8m

Stefan Kanne // 8d 6h 19m

Franz Nawrocki // 8d 8h 20m

Jim Armshaw // 8d 9h 7m

Pierre-Vincent Benvenuto // 8d 10h 24m

Alexander Weiher // 8d 10h 42m

Tommi Kurola // 8d 10h 47m

Tom Banks // 8d 10h 55m

Cyril Neyret // 8d 10h 55m

Gedas Antanaitis // 8d 10h 57m

Gregor Wechselberger // 8d 13h 7m

Thierry Le Dréan // 8d 13h 55m

Simon Schreck // 8d 14h 23m

Uwe Strasser // 8d 22h 46m

Hugo Chevalier // 9d 0h 32m

Victor Eklund // 9d 0h 54m

Michael Billington // 9d 1h 17m

Branko Fort // 9d 1h 19m

Ruben Platte // 9d 3h 11m

Michael Goegele // 9d 3h 52m

Samuel Charron // 9d 3h 54m

Andrea Polo // 9d 4h 24m

Jörg Kurzke // 9d 4h 32m

Johann Bollen // 9d 7h 4m

Bruno Varini // 9d 7h 12m

Florian Büchele // 9d 10h 2m

Stephan Bechert // 9d 10h 2m

Laurens Wolting // 9d 11h 14m

Sebastian Restrepo // 9d 12h 51m

Kilian Kluge // 9d 16h 25m

Pavel Krajčík // 9d 17h 36m

Brigitte Stocker // 9d 22h 43m

Matthias Siegert // 10d 0h 3m

Micha Mayer // 10d 1h 11m

Sabine Verzier // 10d 1h 23m

Martin Berndt // 10d 2h 15m

Stefan Blum // 10d 2h 50m

Robin Hogger // 10d 2h 59m

Thomas Krippentz // 10d 3h 36m

Andreas Signer // 10d 4h 0m

Sebastian Amon // 10d 4h 35m

Auri Teinilä // 10d 5h 26m

Christian Hessler // 10d 5h 36m

Guendalina Capone // 11d 2h 6m

Alexander Kracke // 11d 2h 23m

Simon Roth // 11d 4h 50m

Daniel Haltmayer // 11d 9h 0m

Christian Geist // 11d 11h 30m

Christian Melkos // 12d 21h 49m

Elke Maier // 12d 23h 23m

Jonas Maier // 14d 7h 8m



Michael Adams // dnf

Harald Maier // dnf

Marcel Opprecht // dnf

Jan-Hendrik Beckx // dnf

Florian Klein // dnf

Roland Schwarz // dnf

Daniel Gravelle // dnf

Brad Crossley // dnf

Torsten Stark // dnf

Frank Stockbrügger // dnf

Marcus Gutmann // dnf

Daniel Amberger // dnf

Florian Ibe // dnf

Adam Verhaar // dnf

Daniel Leppin // dnf

Florian Tscherny // dnf

Henning Sydow // dnf

Johannes Jarke-Neuert // dnf

Philipp Janßen // dnf

Helmut Puchwein // dnf

Danny Bellion // dnf

Glenn Bloemen // dnf

Marko Roblek // dnf

Stephan Simmermacher // dnf

Fabian Grafetstetter // dnf

Stefan Weginger // dnf

Tomas Dvorak // dnf

Christian Schmidt // dnf

Michael Grobe // dnf

Andreas Hammer // dnf

Samuel Klassen // dnf

Victor David // dnf

Henning Heuer // dnf

Florian Jaumann // dnf

Oliver Stangl // dnf

Benedikt Proksch // dnf

Georg Bühnert // dnf

Matej Pytlik // dnf

Lennart Hoskam // dnf

Ingo Einwag // dnf

Marc Remmert // dnf

Markus Ott // dnf

Amadeus Oertel // dnf

Tobias Steigenberger // dnf

Bjoern Bahlmann // dnf

Mex Wieshofer // dnf

Luke Webster // dnf

Konstantin Greger // dnf

Andreas Haaf // dnf

Charles Cox // dnf

Florian Schneider // dnf

Martin Bloch // dnf

Flo Kathan // dnf

Nicolas Lindert // dnf

Alexandre Cote // dnf

Peter Thun // dnf

Axel Gehrbrandt // dnf

Mike Hurny // dnf

Tahnee Tjeerdsma // dnf

Keren Wang // dnf

Frank Thies // dnf

Paul Berkhout // dnf

Maren Mohrmann // dnf



Janis Meier // 7d 5h 36m

Konstantin Möller // dns


Clément Clisson // 7d 7h 45m

Rémi Mejean // 7d 7h 45m


Corentin Prié // 7d 9h 48m

Quentin Marquet // 7d 9h 48m


Christian Beichel // 7d 11h 15m

Philipp Reiterits // 7d 11h 15m


Andreas Gasteiger // 8d 4h 52m

Thomas Alexander Henn // 8d 4h 52m


Jessica Kowalski // 10d 5h 7m

Julian Neuweiler // 10d 5h 7m


Dietrich Klonk // 11d 4h 55m

Matthias Bauer // 11d 4h 55m


Felix Mettke // dnf

Jan Recker // dnf


Necdet Dolmis // dnf

Kemal Arslan // dnf


Alexander Winkler // dnf

Jan Thielbeer // dnf


Bettina Westphal // dnf

Philipp Zofer // dnf


Marlene Voithofer // dnf

Yannick Voithofer // dnf


Lennard Herr // dnf

Stefan Herr // dnf


Vienna // Mangart Saddle – Männlichen – Col du Tourmalet // Barcelona



Adam Bialek // 6d 5h 9m

Bernhard Ritter // 6d 22h 13m

Carlos Mazón // 7d 11h 32m

Moritz Durchdewald // 7d 13h 19m

Jana Kesenheimer // 7d 21h 37m

Bart Verheijen // 7d 21h 37m

Thomas Ceyrowsky // 8d 0h 48m

Gerald Minichshofer // 8d 4h 8m

Alexander Vorrath // 8d 6h 48m

Kilian Wagner // 8d 9h 47m

Flo Kathan // 8d 10h 0m

Oliver Gyger // 8d 11h 52m

Nikolaus Mellauner // 8d 12h 26m

Tomáš Zaplatílek // 8d 18h 35m

Simon Kreutz // 8d 21h 3m

Jan-Hendrik Beckx // 8d 21h 20m

Glenn Bloemen // 8d 22h 9m

Angela Perin // 8d 23h 7m

Max Acker // 9d 0h 50m

David S. Agirregomezkorta // 9d 1h 25m

Julien Duflot // 9d 2h 28m

Gerhard Dashuber // 9d 2h 49m

Bettina Eder // 9d 2h 53m

David Herranz Perez // 9d 5h 1m

Andrea Boscolo // 9d 6h 19m

Christoph Schmid // 9d 7h 19m

Thomas Alexander Henn // 9d 9h 20m

Tomas Dvorak // 9d 9h 20m

Christoph Zaba // 9d 12h 31m

Johannes Schützenhofer // 9d 18h 22m

Nicolas Michel // 9d 21h 53m

Kilian Hermes // 9d 22h 2m

Simone Eder // 9d 22h 37m

Mathias Berger // 9d 22h 39m

Hermann Leitner // 9d 23h 10m

Stefan Kanne // 10d 1h 24m

Michael Althoff // 10d 3h 56m

Stephan Simmermacher // 10d 6h 3m

Koen Heselmans // 10d 7h 5m

Christoph Hartmann // 10d 7h 26m

Roman Nagiller // 10d 7h 46m

Anna Bachmann // 10d 8h 9m

Alexander Kühn // 10d 9h 30m

Simon Schreck // 10d 9h 48m

Pascal Bride // 10d 11h 8m

Michael Billington // 10d 11h 27m

Matthieu Lifschitz // 10d 11h 51m

Hubert Šváb // 10d 21h 52m

Joel Karolin // 10d 23h 3m

Dominique Briand // 11d 1h 20m

Alain De Ganck // 11d 2h 5m

Jakub Dvorak // 11d 4h 19m

Jan Tropschug // 11d 7h 46m

Daniela Kirchner // 11d 9h 33m

Cornelia Puhze // 11d 9h 52m

Marcel Amore // 11d 9h 53m

Philippe Greif // 11d 9h 55m

Kamil Prusinowski // 12d 2h 48m

Marcus Ruchti // 12d 3h 45m

Florian Jaumann // 12d 8h 2m

Matthias Polidar // 12d 10h 5m

Karin Weyermann // 13d 0h 24m

Florian Schmerlaib // 13d 2h 44m

Martin Berndt // 13d 6h 51m

Ronny Martin // 14d 6h 10m

Lisa Grützmacher // 14d 6h 15m

Henriette Lauridsen // 14d 7h 1m

Olivier Rochat // 20d 0h 30m

Mikel Baraibar // finish

Philippe Dovergne // finish


Tobias Kopp // dnf

Georg Bucher // dnf

Tim Heiber // dnf

Jan Koller // dnf

Thomas Dupin // dnf

Thomas Wittmann // dnf

Nicolas Loustaunou // dnf

Oliver Tenfelde // dnf

Stefan Moritz // dnf

Pauline Neuber // dnf

Günther Altersberger // dnf

Miguel Angel Garcia Morreno // dnf

Stijn De Veylder // dnf

Patrick Doupe // dnf

Thierry Le Dréan // dnf

Andreas Hoppe // dnf

Thomas Krippentz // dnf

Javi Gamallo // dnf

Marko Roblek // dnf

Roman Baltes // dnf

Thoralf Friedrich // dnf

Moritz Völker // dnf

Manuel Schmid // dnf

Jakob Lanzenhofer // dnf

Andrea Polo // dnf

Patrick Luchsinger // dnf

Sandro Sterchi // dnf

Jochen Czabaun // dnf

Laurin Wissmeier // dnf

Florian Wagner // dnf

Frank Bueltge // dnf

Frank Eisenblätter // dnf

ChristianHessler // dnf

ChristianBel // dnf

Beat   Hausmann // dnf

Rainer Zeller // dnf

Emmanuel Kempeneers // dnf

Stefan Blum // dnf

Anna Luszcz // dnf

Frank Thies // dnf

Jakob Hoffmann // dnf

Gernot Stenz // dnf



Antonio Baños // 10d 1h 42m

Guillermo Nicolás Muñoz // 10d 1h 42m


Claus Knorz // 11d 5h 4m

Katja Werner // 11d 5h 4m


Marco Billstein-Mumenthaler // 11d 23h 51m

Stephan Deininger // 11d 23h 51m


Simon Wecht // 12d 5h 42m

Raphael Werthefrongel // 12d 5h 42m



Santy Mozos // dnf

Diego Villas Alcala // dnf

José Manuel Díaz Palomares // dnf

Juan Carlos Pinedo Peña // dnf

Marguerite Muhlhaus // dnf

Rémi Mejean // dnf

Jakob McKernan // dnf

Ben McKernan // dnf

Christian Sigg // dnf

Bjoern Bahlmann // dnf

Pavel Krajčík // dnf

Richard Schwarz // dnf



Vienna // Großglockner – Col du Sanetsch – MT Ventoux // Nice



Ulrich Bartholmös // 3D // 23H // 23M

Sofiane Sehili // 4D // 7H // 24M *

Björn Lenhard // 4D // 9H // 27M

Théo Daniel // 4D // 18H // 18M

Adam Bialek // 4D // 20H // 57M **

Christian Englert // 4D // 23 // 56M

Daniel Nash // 5D // 0H // 49M

Stephane Ouaja // 5D // 4H // 23M ***

Andrew Phillips // 5D // 6H // 4M

Robbie Britton // 5D // 8H // 46M

Markus Zimmermann// 5D // 14H // 25M

Daniel Ehrl // 5D // 16H // 52M

Ralph Schwörer // 5D // 18H // 43M

Fanny Bensussan // 5D // 19H // 30M

Tobias Herfert // 5D // 20H // 8M

Moritz Durchdewald // 6D// 1H // 21M

Gerald Minichshofer // 6D// 6H // 16M *****

Gerhard Dashuber // 6D // 7H // 12M

Alexander Otterbach // 6D // 9H // 40M

Josef Starlinger // 6D // 11H // 21M **** 

Thomas Ceyrowsky // 6D // 14H // 54M

Angela Perini // 6D // 15H // 11M

Gernot Stenz // 6D // 15H // 17M

Dominik Zimmermann // 6D // 15H // 21M

Urs Stalder // 6D // 17H // 53M

Matthias Dusch // 6D // 22H // 21M

Werner Weisbecker // 6D // 23H // 17M

Alexander Lenz // 7D // 1H // 12M

Patrick Tschellnig // 7D // 2H // 5M ****

Pierre Devimeux // 7D // 4H // 12M

Julien Hamelin // 7D // 4H // 15M

Michael Grobe // 7D // 7H // 6M *

Jonathan McCarthy // 7D // 7H // 38M

Nicola Tomelleri // 7D // 8H // 47M

Sam Weis // 7D // 9H // 42M

Witold Bonnard // 7D // 9H // 53M

Jana Kesenheimer // 7D // 10H // 17M *** **** 

Brian Lautenschlager // 7D // 11H // 40M

Daniel Witzke // 7D // 12H // 12M

Thierry Le Dréan // 7D // 13H // 35M

Stephan Simmermacher // 7D // 13H // 58M ****

Jost Schumski // 7D // 15H // 36M ****

Stefan Moritz // 7D // 18H // 36M

Alessandro Grisotto // 7D // 19H // 31M

Bruno Varine // 7D // 20H // 3M

Tomas Dvorak // 7D // 21H // 29M

Bastian Schlaak // 7D // 22H // 29M ****

Urs Kutschera // 7D // 23H // 15M

Morten Schrøder // 7D // 23H // 43M

Kilian Hermes // 8D // 2H // 41M

Michael Billington // 8D // 2H // 54M *

Elias Betka // 8D // 5H // 3M *

Jens Becker // 8D // 6H // 22M ****

Jakub Dvorak // 8D // 7H // 27M

Torsten Frank // 8D // 7H // 53M

Andrea Polo // 8D // 8H // 5M

Marcis Martinsons // 8D // 8H // 47M

Milan Luelsdorf // 8D // 8H // 49M

Peter Lohinger // 8D // 9H // 38M * ****

Jochen Czabaun // 8D // 14H // 53M ****

Daniela Kirchner // 8D // 18H // 6M

Lionel Burri // 8D // 23H // 5M

Philippe Greif // 9D // 1H // 21M

Gerold Lehmann // 9D // 3H // 25M ****

Stefan Lachinger // 10D // 7H // 23M

Stefan Blum // 10D // 23H // 17M

Matthias Nolden // 11D // 5H // 2M

Rainer Zeller // 11D // 5H // 20M

Lisa Grützmacher // 15D // 11H // 20M

Ronny Martin 16D // 1H // 55M


Tomáš Zaplatílek // dnf

Niklas Muxel // dnf

Koen Heselmans // dnf

David Aguirregomezcorta // dnf

Marius Federlein // dnf

Marcel Amore // dnf

Jurgita Lemesiute // dnf

Radoslaw Jasion // dnf

Federico Antonelli // dnf

Michael Adams // dnf

Philip Eglauer // dnf

Andrea Mundt // dnf

Ivan Brown // dnf

Paul Berkhout // dnf

Mike Opelt // dnf

Christoph Fuhrbach // dnf

Florian Wagner // dnf

Jürgen Mikusch // dnf

Thomas Grander // dnf


* 1H time penalty // shortcut part of a parcour

** 2H time penalty // shortcut part of a parcour

*** 3H time penalty // shortcut part of a parcour

**** 6H time penalty // use of a prohibited road

***** 6H time penalty // cut off the finish parcour


Grégoire Xavier // 6D // 0H // 6M

Daniel Rigaud // 6D // 0H // 6M


Arno Lagger 6D // 13H // 9M * ****

Stefan Tiefenthaler // dnf


Immanuel Barkholz // 6D // 23H // 46M

Fabian Wurm  // 6D // 23H // 46M


Gabi Wink  // 8D // 0H // 27M ****

Hermann Leitner // 8D // 0H // 27M ****


Alexander Kühn // 8D // 7H // 58M

Peter Thun // 8D // 7H // 58M


Gianluca Berdondini // 10D // 5H // 31M

Renato Castagnoli // 10D // 5H // 31M


Juraj Slamka // dnf

Livia Stofilova // dnf


Hans Versmissen // dnf

Jan Seurinck // dnf


* 1H time penalty // shortcut part of a parcour

**** 6H time penalty // use of a prohibited road



Vienna // Passo Stelvio – Colle delle Finestre – Arcalis Ordino // Barcelona



Xavier Pesnel, France // 4D // 23H // 22M

Carlos Mazon, Spain // 5D // 4H // 52M

Aleš Zavoral, Czech Republic // 5D // 22H // 37M

Alberto Vaghi, Italy // 6D // 2H // 46M

Tomáš Zaplatílek, Czech Republic // 6D // 4H // 14M

Andreas Hauser, Austria // 6D // 7H // 45M

 Andrej Zaman, Slovenia // 6D // 8H // 31M

Daan Marsman, Netherland // 6D // 9H // 32M

Simon Sramek, Austria // 6D // 10H // 21M

Gilles Rodier, France // 6D // 12H // 12M

Michal Hampl, Czech Republic // 6D // 14H // 5M

Tomos Packer, United Kingdom // 6D // 15H // 45M

Robin Gauderon, Switzerland // 6D // 18H // 2M

Nico Couckuyt, Belgium // 6D // 21H // 43M

Mitchell Campbell, United Kingdom // 6D // 22H // 49M

Alexander Lenz, Austria // 6D // 23H // 57M

Andrea Boscolo, Italy // 7D // 0H // 18M

Tomas Labanc, Slovakia // 7D // 0H // 44M

Pieter Wilbert Molemaker, Netherland // 7D // 8H // 8M

Andrea Polo, Italy // 7D // 8H // 52M

Walter Reiterer, Austria // 7D // 8H // 52M

Michael Janauschek, Austria // 7D // 10H // 27M

Dan Dimitriu , Romania // 7D // 10H // 29M

Brian Lautenschlager, Germany // 7D // 12H // 28M

Bernd Schleicher, Germany // 7D // 17H // 13M

Thierry Le Dréan, France // 7D // 17H // 30M

Simon Mühlethaler, Switzerland // 7D // 19H // 51M

Adam Verhaar, Netherland // 7D // 21H // 57M

Dario Ahmad Reda, Italy // 7D // 21H // 57M

Miroslav Vazik, Czech Republic // 7D // 22H // 9M

Jarosław Wieczorek, Poland // 8D // 0H // 41M

Krzysztof Wolański , Poland // 8D // 1H // 2M

Malte Hager , Germany // 8D // 1H // 38M

Jakub Dvorak, Czech Republic // 8D // 1H // 53M

Sonia Barrar , Spain // 8D // 3H // 25M

Miloslav Mečíř, Slovakia // 8D // 3H // 38M

Florian Wagner, Germany // 8D // 4H // 21M

Axel Gehrbrandt, Germany // 8D // 5H // 18M ****

Johannes Eckstein, Germany // 8D // 5H // 34M

Jakub Kopecky, Czech Republic // 8D // 5H // 56M

Tim Beicht, Germany // 8D // 6H // 12M

Marcis Martinsons, Latvia // 8D // 9H // 48M

Torsten Frank, Germany // 8D // 10H // 42M

Francisco Afonso, Portugal // 8D // 11H // 58M

Andis Aboltins, Latvia // 8D // 21H // 53M

Andrew Dumbill, United Kingdom // 8D // 22H // 11M

Richard Hunt, United Kingdom // 8D // 22H // 25M

Andrea Falomo, Italy // 8D // 22H // 59M

Marcel Amore, Switzerland // 8D // 23H // 9M

Adam Popovec, Slovakia // 9D // 1H // 21M

Mike Opelt, Germany // 9D // 2H // 57M

Frederic Breugnot, France // 9D // 3H // 8M

Giampiero Monti, Italy // 9D // 10H // 47M

Ovidiu Nodea, Romania // 9D // 10H // 47M

Gerold Lehmann, Austria // 9D // 12H // 45M

David Nash, United Kingdom // 9D // 22H // 2M

Stefan Lachinger, Austria // 10D // 1H // 46M

Chris Whittel, United Kingdom // 10D // 2H // 19M

Erich Tausendschön, Austria // 10D // 8H // 30M ****


Paolo Zanetta, Italy // dnf **

Eric Jacquemin, France // dnf ***

Philipp Hympendahl, Germany // dnf**

 Michael Arnold, Germany // dnf

Tym Lang, USA // dnf

Jürgen Knupe, Germany // dnf

Bride Pascal, France // dnf

Dominik Zimmermann, Germany // dnf

Lorenzo Gamberini, Italy // dnf

Stijn De Veylder, Belgium // dnf

Michi Adams, Switzerland // dnf

Rainer Zeller, Germany // dnf

Gerald Herradura, Ireland // dnf

Mathijs Wansink, Netherland // dnf

Marc David Rabe, Germany // dnf

Palash Sarkar, India // dnf

Alexandre Cote, Canada // dnf

Tjerk Bakker, Netherland // dnf

Andrej Vavro, Slovakia // dnf

Bas Peperkoorn, Netherland // dnf

Håkan Höglin, Sweden // dnf

Nicola Dewannemacker, Belgium // dnf

Christian Pohlig, Germany // dnf


** finished his ride in Barcelona // did not ride to all three peaks

*** finished his ride in Barcelona // not fully self supported on the final parcour

**** 6H time penalty // cut off the finish parcour



Grégoire Xavier, France // 6D // 4H // 22M

Daniel Rigaud, France // 6D // 4H // 22M


Gabi Winck, Italy // 7D // 15H // 48M *****

Hermann Leitner, Italy // 7D // 15H // 48M *****


Santy Mozos, Spain // 7D // 19H // 41M

Diego Villas, Spain // 7D // 19H // 41M


Rinaldo Toson, Italy // 7D // 20H // 7M

Francesco Paolon, Italy // dnf


Zena Palgrave, United Kingdom // 9D // 4H // 51M

Bromilow Palgrave, United Kingdom // 9D // 4H // 51M


Benedikt Kronberger, Austria // 9D // 10H // 44M

Daniel Kronberger, Austria // 9D // 10H // 44M


Fritz Schön, Germany // dnf

Christian Möhl, Germany // dnf


Xavier  Sopena Mas, Spain // dnf

Juan Carlos Pinedo, Spain // dnf


Jurgita Lemesiute, Lithuania // dnf

Justinas Černiauskas, Lithuania // dnf


***** 4H time penalty // forbidden tunnel


Vienna // Passo Giau – Furkapass – Col de Galibier // Nice



Samuel Thompson, United Kingdom // 4D // 22H // 20M

Tomáš Zaplatílek, Czech Republic // 5D // 8H // 47M

Thomas Ettema, Netherlands // 5D // 22H // 32M

Patrick Tschellnig, Austria // 5D // 23H // 49M

Jan Kostaa, Slovakia // 6D // 15H // 47M

Bernd Schleicher, Germany // 6D // 17H // 52M

Torsten Frank, Germany // 7D // 1H // 52M

Sergio Caldarelli, Italy // 7D // 5H // 4M

Nicolas Meunier, France // 7D // 19H // 57M


Marco Nowak, Austria // dnf

Jakub Kopecky, Czech Republic // dnf

Michal Stefkovic, Slovakia // dnf

Sean Wightman, United Kingdom // dns

Stanislas Meunier, France // dns

Matteo Massimiliano Messina, Italy // dns