The Ultimate Mountainbike Challenge!

TransHermann Challenge is a self supported bike packing event on a fixed trail along the Teutoburger Forrest.

Full ride is round 308 kilometers in distance and around 9000 meters of elevation gain.

Adventure Light ( one way version) finishes at the hostel and is around 170 kilometers long!

“One of the longest and toughest single trails in Germany on which 90% are unpaved”

The THC has two categories: Solo and Pair

Maximum of 100 riders


Start Groups:

The TransHermann Challenge has three different classifications! Sportive, Adventure and Adventure LIGHT!

The “Adventure Group” starts earlier and it includes a one night stay in the hostel at the checkpoint!

The Adventure Light Riders finish “already” at the hostel and it includes a one night stay in the hostel too!

The “Sportive Group” ride the full course is for riders who want to plan there sleep on there own and have the goal to finish the ride under 30 hours!
Not included for the Sportive Group is the one night stay in the hostel!


Start Time:

Adventure Group: May 2021

Sportive Group: September May 2021


Start and Finish location:

Riesenbeck / Hörstel


1. Riders must respect the Environment, other Riders and Hikers at all time during the event.

2. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish under there own power.

3. Riders must be fully self-supported.

4. No Drafting at any time 

5. Riders must follow the local laws at any time.

6. All bikes have to pass a check up before the start. Especially lights, brakes and helmet.

7. No prize money.


Start and Finish will be in Riesenbeck – Germany.
The Route leads you across the Teutoburger Forrest along the Statue of Hermann and all the way to the turning point at the Velmerstot.

We will provide a Control station at this halfway point.
At this control station we wanna check your spirit, make some pictures and tell the world you made it halfway.


We provide one fixed staffed Checkpoint at the turning point during the event. The Hostel in Bad Meinberg.
We want to check your spirit and make some pictures.

Everybody can refill there water bottles and grap some bananas and energy bars!

The Adventure Group starters can also shower and sleep at the checkpoint!

The Checkpoint will close at midnight!


some impressions

Registration opens 08/2020

Next TransHermann Challenge will be in May 2021! Registration and final info from August 2020!

How much is the Registration

Adventure Group:
Registration fee for solo and pair riders is 99,- Euro. 

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.

Sportive Group:
Registration fee for solo and pair riders is 75,- Euro.

For the pair category both riders have to register and pay. Please tell us your riding partner.

What you get for the fee:

The Route in form of a GPS file.

Official race cap

GPS tracking of the event

Staffed checkpoint at the halfwaypoint

One night stay at the hostel just for the Adventure Group

Finisher beer!

Shower at the finish!

All pictures we make at the startline, checkpoint and the finish.
(can`t guarantee we have yours but we will try)

Publishing individual times on our website.

The fee is not refundable!

Use the EVENT SIGN UP in the top menu if you already have an Adventure Bike Racing Account!
You need to LOGIN first!

RiderS 2021




First riders Oliver and Christian finishing TransHermann 2019. 310k and lots of climbing in 28hours and 24minutes. Congrats guys!
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Rocking the trail!

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94 0

Comfy Checkpoint!

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Warm Welcome!

#transhermann #transhermann300 #mtb #hermannsweg

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310 kilometers is insane? We offer a TransHermann Adventure light...Half the kilometers and a night in the hostel!

Registration open!

#transhermann #transhermann300 #bikepacking #hermannsweg #adventurebikeracing

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#transhermann #transhermann300

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The Ultimate MTB Challenge on the longest single trail in Germany!

Registration for the hostel groups close on March 30th!

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#transhermann #transhermann300

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Boneshaker trail on the Transhermann shot by my good friend and fellow bikepacker paulshillington 🔊 SOUND ON PLEASE
#transhermann #soundon #bikepacking #gravelbike #microadventures #steelisreal #genesisbikesuk #fugio1x #biketocamp #gravelgrinder

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Christian and Oliver passing the Externsteine!
#transhermann #adventurebikeracing #externsteine

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Das einzig halbwegs wackelfreie Foto, das ich letztes Wochenende beim #transhermann gemacht habe. Ich hab abgebrochen nach ca. 80 km. Größten Respekt an jedeN der weiter oder sogar durch gefahren ist. Die Kombination aus Regen, Kälte, Dämmerung, Höhenmetern und Trails hat mir keine Hoffnung gelassen, das Ding irgendwie zu Ende zu bringen. Vielleicht fahr ich das im Sommer nochmal. #teuto #unfinishedbusiness #nolimits #limits ...

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Fußgängerslalom um den Obersee #cotic #coticescapade #cyclocross #sonntag #transhermann ...

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Good Bye Coffee & Chainrings. Unvergessen bleiben im vergangenen Jahr insbesondere die geilen Touren mit Thomas und Reinhard. Trans Hermann, Stoneman Arduenna, VulkanBike Eifel Marathon, Everesting Challenge, als Trio hatten wir immer Spaß und gute Laune.

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Karsten Kuhlmann, Germany // 26H // 44M

Stephan Weinschenk, Germany // dns

Bernd Schaudien, Germany // dns

Guy Rennie, UK // dns



Christian Manske, Germany // 28H // 24M

Oliver Näthe, Germany // 28H // 24M

Maarten van den Brink, Netherlands // 34H // 22M

Mark Wesdijk, Netherlands // 34H // 22M

Gert Dekker, Netherlands // dnf

Werner Peters, Netherlands // dnf



Marcel Esser, Netherlands // 22H // 58M

Wouter Hendriksen, Netherlands // 29H // 29M

Homme Rodenhuis, Netherlands // 30H // 07M

Christian Manske, Germany // 31H // 37M

Oliver Näthe, Germany // 31H // 37M

Karsten Kuhlmann, Germany // 33H // 30M


Matthias Gummelt, Germany // dnf

Anne van Leeuwen, Netherlands // dnf

Henk Schipper, Netherlands // dnf

Felix Ockert, Germany // dnf

Kees de Vries, Netherlands // dnf

Mathias Ahrberg, Germany // dnf

Bernard Ziengs, Netherlands // dnf

Manuel Muranovic, Germany // dnf

Günther Lahme, Germany // dnf

Wolf de Wilde, Netherlands // dnf

Frank Creemers, Netherlands // dnf

Tim Snijder, Netherlands // dnf

Michiel Derksen, Netherlands // dnf

Martin Temmen, Germany // dnf

Bernd Schaudien, Germany // dnf

Christian Buddecke, Germany // dnf

Anja Marwitz, Germany // dnf

James Roberts, United Kingdom // dnf

Mark Munro, Netherlands // dnf

Dominik Hansen, Germany // dnf

Jörg Gondermann, Germany // dnf

Arne Fugmann, Germany // dns

Julian Hostmann, Germany // dns

Dirk de Wilde, Netherlands // dns

Joop Ribbers, Netherlands // dns

Johan Gielstra, Netherlands // dns

Heiko Krüger, Germany // dns

Bonnie Leemreize, Netherlands // dns

Marco Gößling, Germany // dns

Goerg Cornielje, Netherlands // dns

Jos Wolfkamp, Netherlands // dns

Christian Braeske, Germany // dns

Philip Schrjver, Netherlands // dns

Dennis Koster, Netherlands // dns

Willem Bastiaan Vliegenthart, Netherlands // dns

Andreas Weisheit, Germany // dns

Erik Ruesink, Netherlands // dns

Ronald van den Heerik, Netherlands // dns

Matthias Lorz, Germany // dns

Daniel Lambertz, Germany // dns

Daniel Van Goethem, Belgium // dns

Stephan Schulz, Germany // dns

Catherine Tosi, France // dns

Martin Galaschek, Germany // dns

Jonathan Keen, United Kingdom // dns

Dennis Mombarg, Netherlands // dns

Luc Smits, Belgium // dns

Thomas Taut, Germany // dns

Marco Voskamp, Netherlands // dns

Erik Wallinga, Netherlands // dns

Steven Vanlancker, Belgium // dns



Raymond Timmerhuis, Netherlands // 31H // 47M

Michel Olimulder, Netherlands // 31H // 47M


Wilco Heideveld, Netherlands // 30H // 07M

Elwin van den Beld, Netherlands // dnf

Maykel van der Pennen, Netherlands // dnf

Frank Dirks, Netherlands // dnf


Alexander Rüther, Germany // dns

Eberhard Schulte, Germany // dns


Victor Valkhof, Netherlands // dns

Iwan te Brake, Netherlands // dns