In 2017 the Ultracyclist Mark Beaumont set a new Guinness World Record for Circumnavigation by bicycle.

He did it in 78 days 14 hours 40 minutes! He did it fully supported!
That doesnt mean its not a remarkable achievement.
Let’s find out if anybody else can do this under 80 days in a self-supported ride!

The World By Bike Challenge is a fully self-supported bike packing event.

The clock runs all the time. No checkpoints!

Solo open Route, Pair open Route, Solo record Route, Pair record Route

Start and finish location:

Start time and date:
Start: June 14th 2020
Finish: December, 2020


The rules are designed to follow the Guinness World Record for Circumnavigation by bicycle.

1. Riders must complete the Challenge from start to finish under their own power

2. Riders have to ride 18000 miles easterly in one direction without going back

3. Riders have to pass through two antipodal points en route

4. Riders must be fully self-supported

5. No Drafting at any time

6. Riders must follow the local laws at any time

7. Riders are required to use a provided GPS device

8. No prize money


The start and finish will be in Paris.

You either take Marks Record Route or make your own Record Route!

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Who can register?

We need you to tell us your experience with long distance bike riding. Maybe you finished another race like the Transcontinental Race or the Trans Am Bike Race in 2017 or 2018.

Maybe you did or want to do a Tour with at least 4000 kilometers as preparation for this event.
Just tell us your plans and tell us more about you!


How much is it?

Fee for the Event is from 200,- Euro for pair riders and 250,- Euro for solo riders!

For the pair category both riders have to register. Please tell us your riding partner.


What you get for the fee:

The current Record Route in form of a gpx file

Provided GPS Website to follow the event!

Publishing individual times on our website.

Use the EVENT SIGN UP in the top menu if you already have an Adventure Bike Racing Account!
You need to LOGIN first!


50 years old
48 years old
United Kingdom
34 years old

I am an adventurer and endurance athlete, currently based in the north of England.I thrive by travelling the world on long, human powered journeys, and in sharing those journeys with others, especially children. After an upbringing and early career as an elite soccer player, followed by a boring few years in the corporate world i decided to make my short time here on this planet a little more meaningful. I left the corporate world and embarked on my biggest adventure, a three year solo circumnavigation of the world by bike, crossing 43 countries, through 5 continents and pedaling 58,204km. This combined my passion for adventure, travel and endurance sport. Having completed the adventure in December 2018, the fire is lit for the next adventure...and this time the focus is on really pushing my limits!

Czech Republic
29 years old

Cycling, Climbing and Beer keep inspiring me throughout my life.
2012: 1000 MILES ADVENTURE – MTB bikepacking, 1800 km, 56 000 m altitute; 11 days, 7th.
2013: Trip to exchange studiing program in Tromso; CZ, PL, LIT, LAT, EST, FIN, SWE, NOR, Nordcapp, Tromsø; selfsupport, 4000 km, 16 days
2014: Solo expedition on Svalbard; 16 days, 30 – 80 km /day
2015: TRANSCONTINENTAL RACE: 4100 km, 11,5 days, 7th
2016: Island MTB bikepacking expedition
2017: Eiger North face, Heckmair route, Kleine Scheideck Swiss; Winter ascent
2018: Grand Jorrasses North face, Casin route, Chamonix Mont Blanc, France
Cima Grande North face, Comici route, Dolomites, Italy
2019: Matterhorn, Zermatt, Swiss, winter ascent

31 years old

I'm Levi and I have a never ending passion towards long distance cycling. In fact I love to ride so far that I realize I'm heading into the unknown. Feeling lost has a beautiful romance for me. Had a few longer summer trips on my fixed gear bike when I've read about Mike's round the world trip. Got fascinated about his performance, and learned about ultra distance cycling in the form of racing. Tried to enter a few times the TCR, when I finally got accepted for TCRno5. Ever since I've went to SRMRno1 and later on the Italy Divide and back to the TCR for 2019. My thirst for longer and adventurous rides seems to be growing so I have to give in myself for the ultimate challenge, to circumnavigate our planet by my own pedal power. It will be a story to tell, I'm sure! 🙂

39 years old

Architect and Hobby Photographer
TransAm Bike Race Finisher
Transcontinetal Race Finisher
Founder Adventure Bike Racing

35 years old
New Zealand
59 years old

DNF World Cycle Race 2012
Second time lucky?




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