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Support a rider:  The Hills have Bikes

Adventure Bike Racing introduces a support program with the goal to make Adventure Ultracycling more accessible to more people and to create a better Balance within the sport itself.

Adventure Bike Racing organizes unsupported adventure cycling events. Biggest Fundamentals of our sport are fairness and equality. An event setup including brands as sponsors can create additional pressure on each participant to be extremely fast or especially influential. This is not what we want. We think everyone should have the same opportunities and therefor this support program is directed to all our riders equally because these events are not only about watching the fastest of our sport. Every participant is giving hundred percent and is inspiring and entertaining us with there individual adventure on many different levels.


If you feel inspired and entertained you can support this program:

One way to support would be to directly contribute to reducing someone’s starting fee. (Start support)

A second way to support is a “Thank you“ for being entertained or inspired. (Finish support)
Adventure Bike Racing will 100% use this support to celebrate everybody’s finish with meals and drinks.

A supporter than has the choice to leave a name and a message. This would be displayed on our website.

A bike rider who always wanted to join an ultra cycling event but not had the budget to to so can sign up and benefit from this support.
A rider has to judge him/herself if he/she needs support. It’s fully anonymous.

The ultimate goal of this program would be that we can offer our events without an entry fee in the future.
Supported by the people our riders inspire and entertain. Thank you!


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Entry support, Finish support